“House of Life” Church is the House of Prayer for all nations. There are many people here who sincerely desire to see God’s glory all over the world.

Today we continue to stretch ourselves forward with the awareness that it’s the time of breaking up the fallow ground and not of gathering visible fruit. Like the first missionaries we are ready to become the first link of the chain leading to great glory revealed for everyone in a visible way, the glory of the Lord Jesus in His Church.

We expect great things from God and move on according to the measure of faith and strength given by God!


We believe that with God nothing shall be impossible.

“But ye shall receive power after that the Holy  Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and  in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8)

We make decision to  be obedient to this call. We believe in His provision, wisdom, strength and glory. By making disciples we are going to plant  churches in Jerusalem (Vladivostok), Judea (Primorsky Krai), Samaria (Russia) and  up to the end of the earth (world mission) and we are going to do this not step by step but simultaneously, we believe that the harvest will be gathered and  we dedicate ourselves to this work with all our heart, soul and strength.



by Roman Jedidiah

The nation of the day to pray for Revival

The people was called Yugakirs by their neighbors: Evenks and Yakuts. The ethnonym originates from the Evenki expressions düke-gir and yoke-gir, which means "people of the frost" or "distant people." The name was fixed in the reports of the Cossacks, aimed at the development of distant Arctic territories, became official in Russian documents.
The self-name of the people is different: odul (wadul), which means "strong, powerful."
The kept legends say that in ancient times Yukagirs were the largest northern people, they could be compared with the number of stars twinkling in the darkness of the polar night. The people had so many fire places that a raven blackened from their smoke, the birds flying by were lost. The lights of the camps were so bright that they reflected in the sky with the northern lights.

With the beginning of Russian colonization in the XVII century, the number of Yukagirs significantly decreased. The reason is foreign diseases introduced by foreigners, which the immunity of the nation that has been isolated for centuries had not accepted: smallpox epidemics turned out to be fatal. In the same period and until the 19th century, regular clashes with Koryaks, Evens, Chukchi, assimilation with Russians and neighboring peoples were observed. By the end of the seventeenth century, there were 2535 Yukagirs, at the beginning of the XVIII century - about 1500 people, in 1897 - 754 people. By 1970, the figure reached a critical level of 600 Yukagirs, after which the number began to grow. This led to the concentration of the authenticity of the population in the Kolyma basin, in the center of the once vast region of residence.
The 2002 census showed that 1,509 Yukagirs live in Russia.
The traditional religion of the Yukagirs is shamanism, based on the animation of the forces of nature, faith in spirits, the cult of ancestors. The world seemed to be a triune, connected by a river. Shamans played an important role in social and spiritual life, acting as intermediaries between the living and the dead, travelers between the worlds.

Свежая домашняя еда для всех и каждого

- that the Holy Spirit may set the hearts on fire with love for the Truth!
- For the indigenous nations to know the power of the One True God over the spirits and that they accept the salvation of Christ.
- Ask the Holy Spirit to soften people's hearts so that they will be open to accepting the Gospel.
- Pray that God will fill these nations with His Word, truth, and guidance, and they will no longer remain in darkness through the worship of spirits.”
- Ask the Lord that in every nation, struck by shamanism, He may found the victorious church for the sake of His glory!

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Today we keep on searching, keep on dreaming, keep on daring. We are focused on the perishing world. And we call everyone who longs to see the supernatural, to see the amazing and wondrous before the Lord, to move forward, to stretch oneself, to rise up.

May God bless you and all of us that in this generation we may be able to preach the Gospel to the end of the world, and all the nations may hear the Word of God and know our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

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"Martial Arts of the Spirit "

We are glad to present to  you a book of brother Roman "Martial Arts of the Spirit ". This is a series of sermons meant for equipping and empowering with the aim of mastering a high level of walking in spiritual freedom and victory.​

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