/ August 9, 2020 / recitative


My theme today is praising of death. Apostle Paul says that he is "offered upon the sacrifice." Peter was "offered upon the sacrifice." The Scripture through the mouth of the Apostle says: "... death is working in us, and life in you."


Death is working. I want to say this word: "Death is working." Today the Lord is looking for those in whom death must be working. The Lord God is looking for those who will be crucified with Christ. The Lord God is looking for His people of self-denial who will open their hearts to put the seed of death there. He is looking for those who will accept death in their hearts and become a garden for trees.


When Peter was taken, he asked to be crucified with his head down. When Polycarp was imprisoned in the Roman Empire, and the people asked the emperor to spare him, Polycarp begged them not to do this, because he dreamed of being torn apart by the beasts in the Colosseum.

Strange desire…


Yes. Now you and I, hundreds of people, are listening to this word. Someone tends to sleep, someone is already tired, someone's lunch is getting cold. We have different situations, we are in different countries. The spread is quite large. But there is a desire of God. His heart is only one. God is looking for a Bride. The Bride is not the one who dances beautifully and speaks well, but the one who is ready to die for His sake.


I feel that we need depth, we need deep dedication to the Lord, we need sincere love for our King. Apostle Paul would have echoed and confirmed my words. How seriously do we take this? What if Christ Himself spoke to us this way?


God's Word tells us that Apostles desired to die for Christ. Once, being in Ephesus, Paul said to the Church that he would not see them again, and they fell on his neck, hugging him with tears, because they realised  he would not appear to them again.


Look at what kind of atmosphere there was, what culture of the Kingdom of God was present in churches in the time of Apostle Paul! They spoke freely about death. Behold, Apostle Paul is leaving, he gives his final greetings and knows he will never return. A revelation  came, the Holy Spirit speaks Paul will go into bonds. And brothers and sisters urge Paul not to go to Rome, because the Spirit warned that Paul would suffer. But Paul, regardless of the revelation, answers: "... don't break my heart, because not only do I want to suffer for Christ, but I am ready to do this."


And how about us - how real are we? Are we ready to suffer for Christ? Dedicate our lives to Him and be faithful even to death? How much are we ready? If we saw Paul and could listen to him, then I think every moment of his life would prove to us - he was ready to die for Christ!

Death is working in us, and life in you. If you want to walk in the power of resurrection, you must first walk in the power of death.


I want to release this message so that you receive the power of death. Someone said that if there were no Calvary, there would be no resurrection. Very often we run to resurrection. We hunt for  resurrection, but few want to go to Golgotha. Today this Golgotha awaits each of us. Each of us is to have our own Golgotha. Each of us is to have a voluntary co-crucifixion with Him. Each of us must come on his own and lie down on this Cross. Quiet and silent, like Isaac before Abraham. Isaac was not laid on the altar by the enemies. Not the enemies, but the Heavenly Father. It wasn't  the enemies, but his father, Abraham, who was binding this boy. If we accepted sufferings and sorrows from Christ, and not from the devil, we would have a different attitude to them.


I look up at this boy - I want to look into his eyes. This is a young lad with the name Isaac. He asks: “Father, where is the lamb? Here is fire, here is wood, and where is the lamb? " The father answers: "The Lord will provide, my son." And this little boy thinks, “Yes, there is no lamb ... Perhaps it will be me ... So father doesn't have a lamb. Father has no sacrifice. But we took a knife, took fire, took firewood ... " And there they go up Mount Moriah. The father takes a rope, embraces his son and begins to tie his hands ... He is tying his hands ...


Oh, my Isaac does not resist. I don't know what your Isaac is doing. Everyone has their own ideas about what this boy did - I think, it  comes from the nature of one's faith.  


My Isaac does not resist ... My Isaac offers his hands, and he is silent. The Scripture doesn't say that the boy uttered even one word. He didn't say a word. All the words are written down, and Isaac's last words are: "Where is the lamb, Father?" I think that he didn't say anything else, but only obeyed.

Behold, Abraham ties his hands, puts him on the altar, kindles a fire, takes a knife and raises it over this boy. Amazing picture!


Behold is our Cross. The Lord is waiting for us to lie down on it. Each one has his own approach to this. You lie down, stretch your arms both sides from north to west, from south to east - and lie crossways . This, probably, is the life with God. Oh, if only we could walk like this with Him!


Abraham raises the knife, but the Lord holds Him, because everything has already been finished, Isaac is dead. I think that Isaac, on coming home wasn't happy he had stayd alive. This was a different person, this was a new person. When he met his mother, Sarah, I think she saw something in this boy. I don't know if he told Sarah this story, but I know that Isaac had changed. Later on he passed on his fear to his children.


Praising death. Today I just clarified this topic. I thought, “Lord, I'm dreaming about this. I would so much dream that my journey ended this way." And what should one dream about? Do you ever think about your end? What kind of end would you like to have? What would you ask for? How would you like to end? If God said to you: “Ask what end to give to you” - what would you ask?


Paul says, "Considering the outcome of their conduct, imitate their faith." We need to consider the end, and not only someone else's, but also our own, because this is an unpleasant topic only for an uncircumcised heart. I think that if we  had a clear idea of this path, then our life would also receive this clarity.


Each of us will go through this Cross, each of us will go through this Jordan. We can now cover our eyes with our hands and say: "I'm out of this." But you are walking towards this. And you have to get through. Get ready. Get ready now. Be ready every day. Be ready every hour. Always be ready. When you go to bed, when you get up, when you leave your house, when you take the driving wheel - always be ready for this hour. Because this is life in death. In death there is life.


I see this my Isaac, my beloved Isaac. This young man, a pure youth, stretches out his hands and lies down on the wood. He opens his heart to the Father. My Isaac holds out his hands. My Isaac looks at the Father. My Isaac lies down himself. The Father doesn't have to push on him, the Father doesn't have to force the resisting boy.


If we accepted everything from the Father, then we would have a different attitude to life. I accept. I want to receive from my Heavenly Father. Lord, cleanse our faith. Lord, sanctify our faith. If your hour came today, would you care so much about things of this world? If your hour came today, would you fight so strongly for your rutine? If today it were your hour, would you continue to persist?


Today we need to hear His voice. Let us come to Him, to the One who is speaking to us! Hear His voice. Let the Lord speak to us, to everyone!


Now, you see, perhaps today we wanted to hear a heroic message, but this is the Same Christ who lay down on the Cross and is speaking from the Cross. And we must learn to speak from the Cross. Not only shout, but we must also learn to speak from the Cross and care from the Cross. May God give us His nature and bless us!