I will mark today the prophetic ponderous milestones, they are like the hills, on which we leap.

God is reformatting the spiritual man today. This is being done for the new season. Reformatting is in progress. Many people began to experience weakness in their flesh. When getting into intense life of the spirit, some experience strong exhaustion, almost nearing death. Living in the Galgal, moving in the spirit, I notice that when activation of the spirit happens, it’s like taking off with G speed and  “squeezed out”, this distinguishes an unprepared person. Capillaries in the eyes may pop, because there is a strong load at the start. And something similar happens when the body can't endure the Galgal. Many strong brothers, tough men, said that they were close to exhaustion and even death, because their hearts could not endure it. This is a real Galgal. This is a real whirlwind, when our body isn't able to endure the speed of the Spirit. Because the Spirit is spinning in Ezekiel, this is called the "the rolling wheels.". They don't stand still, they rotate.


Today the spiritual man is being reformatted. For some, these will be diseases, but we said that people should not be afraid, enter into it: they will simply enter, they will be “shaken”, and they will come to a new level of connection of body and Spirit. Other people shall suffer some. I spoke about this, I had a presentiment that the flesh should join with the spirit in a new format with. Because if our spirit today begins to gain speed, then the body has to respond: it will either reject this speed and communicate its disagreement, or it will adjust to it. But this is a very intense life.


We are convinced that it is possible to live today the way the first Christians lived – taking delight, not forcing yourself to live by the spirit, because it is right and necessary, but to enjoying your walk according to the spirit, because this is a higher quality of life than life according to the flesh, whatever it may be. This is amazing. That is, you can live in spirit and be a happy person. This is like a proof that the Lord is speaking the truth.


Another thing we advance in is meditation, which is a very unsimple subject, which has the range starting from trance, which can be controlled and uncontrolled. I've had both types and can say that every time we enter into worship I am in a controlled trance. There are certain principles of how to enter in trance and some people are learning to do this as a form of meditation. Meditation has different formats. Even being with people mystics with whom you are connected on high with solid food, you can stay in a trance while in fellowship, talking, having a cup of coffee, but you can still abide in a very deep plunge of meditation.

Staying in silence, even here in Taize, in a small room, I am in this meditative condition, when you keep silent not in the darkness, not in a black hole, but you are being filled. You are encountering yourself. I was in Taize over ten years ago while on a pilgrimage over Europe, this is an amazing place to be. But of course the whole matter isn't about the place, but about the journey you make in your inner man – this is the achievement we have.

In meditation we encounter ourselves. Sometimes we don't know ourselves, like Peter as he hit himself on the chest, saying I shall never deny, even if all others do. Why touch all others, he could've kept from that. But he didn't know himself.

Encounter with the darkness of your soul, which you don't fear, but overcome it and begin to live with what you have, begin to agree with it and use it as your exclusiveness or your special trait. You are not afraid to separate yourself for God.

Recently I read about one hermit, who spent on a pillar over 30 years. Just imagine that! Charismatic church taught to laugh at such people, sadly, which is for me a horrible thing a sin, absence of culture. He lived a long life and had really deep mystical experience. I don't think God was far from him and turned away from him, that He didn't want such a sacrifice. But if you bring a sacrifice to God in your life, how can this sacrifice be rejected if you bring it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?! Therefore, we should never judge other people's sacrifice. We have to bring our own.


A season for new ways of creativity is also opening. We can bring it into different spheres of our life and adorn them so, that there shall be Angelic presence there. It's not that you paint an Angel on the wall, but we can even cooperate with the Angels, who are much more present around than we think. Angelic world is as inseparable part of our spiritual life as Holy Spirit is. But we have focused on the Holy Spirit, we pray in tongs, feel His presence with our senses, but we forget about Angels. But Angel are as much the nature of God and His Kingdom as Holy Spirit is. And they are not diminished before the Holy Spirit, because there’s this hierarchy of Angels – powers, authorities, thrones, dominions, Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim – these are all the reality of God. And God continues to sit upon Cherubim. His Throne is on Cherubim. This is amazing, we know very little of Cherubim, but they are the beings that cast fire. They give the fire to their prophets. It is Cherubim that work with the fire. And people of fire are the ones connected with Cherubim.


The paradigm of the accents in the teaching of the Apostolic Church of the Latter Days has to shift. Because we do have certain accents, like in prosperous, educated and advanced Europe there has been an emphasis made on pragmatism, so that the Gospel faith may bring profit. Priorities list is topped by pragmatic things. In the Eastern tradition it’s more mystical accent. But with that we can get away from practical life into isolation.

But I think that today we can live in the world and be really deep mystics, perform ministry of the Angelic level and be fruitful.

These are quite difficult tasks, but I can feel how the Lord is drawing me into these spheres that are actually totally untouched, they are hidden for the Latter Days. Remember, how the Lord said to John on the isle of Patmos, “Seal the things, which the thunders uttered” – those things are for the Latter Days.

It was also said to Daniel to seal certain words of the Angel till the Latter Days, because the latter contemporary man would have to comprehend these subjects.

Judging by the way Christianity presents theology today, I don’t thing we are progressing, I mean in this traditional Western and Eastern theology – we are degrading. Therefore, today we need prophetic Christianity. As never before, we need Apostolic Christianity. We need to seek in the true revelation, in the revealed Word, in walking by the spirit in power of the sons of resurrection, which Christ calls us to and teaches.

So, creativity will have a great significance, creativity that really makes, creates things, when faith in God won’t be boring, it won’t be just going to church and living in the world the rest of the time. That is going to be true cooperation with God, return to paradise, to Eden. That’s walking with Jesus Christ so intimately that you experience paradise on earth.

 Spheres of worship, evangelism, business, mission – will be also important. The art of prophetic worship, and how to become a prophetic person – this is very important, how to build prophetic people, how to bring church into prophetic dimension, how to connect with prophetic vessels… Today this is coming on us.

I’ve been waiting for the prophets to come and help me. But today I think that we may be those people, who will go and help others. We will become those prophets, we will become those Apostles, and we won’t wait till they come to us, but we shall rise and go to those who need us.


It is very important to make a transition from a local congregation to an Apostolic center and get clothed in Apostolic mantle. You don’t have to be an Apostle for that. We simply need to be those vessels that walk in the supernatural. Therefore, pray about this, study this subject, even if you are a few, a small group of people, or you are on mission feeling weak and lonely, get clothed in Apostolic mantle, because the knowledge of God, the knowledge of the Church, His Bride shall provide an access to the Apostolic mantle.


A radical shift in the paradigm of the service format is happening as well. Our services today may be boring, poor in spirituality and intellect, poor in the creative component. Often it is not interesting for people, especially youth, to be in our services, not because there’s no youth, but because youth can’t stay there, they may come and leave because of no creative component present, which feeds intellect, revealing the way to perfection, making man perfect.

So break the dead paradigm of church service format. Our services are supposed to be filled with creative component, revelation and glory. They are supposed to bring the highest level of happiness.

Look at yourself and your meetings from aside, with the eyes of an unbeliever. Sometimes you will get astonished how on earth people keep coming to your church.
Therefore, break the wrong order and bring eternal life, the breath of happiness, the breath of life into your meetings, because if you are boring and poor – that’s a false testimony of God, because Jesus is not that way at all.


Prophetic-Apostolic directness shall be important as never before. This directness is part of the truth. We are afraid to speak the Gospel directly, we try to adjust it to man. But human spirit is waiting exactly for this directness. The spirit that was on Christ, who was fully man and fully God, released exactly this directness, straight from heaven, translating things from heaven. You know, sometimes you have to keep this Angelic anointing, in order to keep the testimony.


It very important to be connected with the right people. If you are connected with the wrong people, who are all weaker than you, it is then hard for you to grow, hard to rise, for anyone to take you higher. It is not that evident in a strong church, because all are self-sufficient, and the church is strong.

In my life there are people who walk high with God. It is not necessary for me to communicate with them very often, but I am connected with them in the spirit. And it is so much important for me, vitally important.

If you are connected with carnal Christians, who make you weaker and you do not progress, then find a connection with people, who are higher than you, who are truly leading you into the image of Christ.

The involvement of a priest-leader, a prophet or a father, an Apostle – especially in hard time or difficult matters is essential for man.


Therefore I urge you to connect with the Eastern Gates more tightly.

It’s not only people, but also beings and dimension. And I am open to help in every way so that we may rise together above this gravitation of the earth.


As we mark the milestones of the season, I want to say that the cause of new high places of strivers’ exploits has to be in every life personally. We could take certain high places of prayer, fast, separation, holiness, previously, and today those records got diminished and we are neither experts nor professionals in this regard any more – we need to return and take new high places. We have to understand that spiritual man has to renew, his youth has to renew, he is not supposed to get old and senile. And though our flesh comes to maturity or even old age, but our spirit is supposed to get younger and younger. We all must have this spiritual hygiene and culture, so that a wonderful young man or young lady may dwell within us. And the greatest inner glory that she has is God’s love to her Beloved. May the Lord bless us not loose the First Love, because the First Love is a sign of a spiritually healthy person.


New ministries and territories – open and visit new territories, spend your money for tickets into new territories, open new spheres and ministries for yourself. Try and don’t be afraid to widen your range of activities.

Because if you get stuck… We spoke of a European who goes to the editor’s office, writes his articles, has an apartment by the river, travels to the south once a year… I thought I would die of boredom with such life. We want to fly! And we can fly, don’t have to be any special place for that. That is inner pilgrim, a pilgrim of the spirit, that wonderful young man, who doesn’t stay in one place, but continues to soar.

“For unto us A Child is born, unto us a Son is given! – this Word is not for Christmas! This is a new beginning! – And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His Kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” (Is.9: 6-7)


“I was watching in the night visions, and behold, One like the Son of Man, coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days. And they brought Him near before Him. Then to Him was given dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom the one, which shall not be destroyed” (Dan.7: 13-14) Hallelujah!


We are in this reality. Today we can look at the decay of Christianity – no, we should look at Christ, with Whom there’s no decay whatsoever. We believe not in the church or congregation today, we believe in Christ! And His dominion! And with Him there’s no decay. Praise our Lord!