There are four habitations of God's man. Each one is going to have his own habitation home as the Lord promised, we can have it already here on earth.

The first habitation is man of integrity. We ought to be people of integrity, not what you think of yourself, but who you are.

«For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation.» New creation is what matters! How much of this new man is there in you?

«And as many as walk according to this rule, peace and mercy be upon them»- powerful mercy and peace are poured out upon such, because they grow into a new creation.

In heaven we are supposed to see familiar places and not be shocked. It's not about wild exaltation or fantastic views, but things there are higher than feelings or emotions, it's the reality, it's the eternity. I would even dare say that it's not quite joyful or lightful. It doesn't matter much, how happy you feel. Your flesh can manifest as chemical reaction both joy and fear. But true walk in the spirit is higher than emotion or feelings. A sensual church persues feelings, therefore she walks unstable whether in sadness or brokenness, because they are in frustration, or joy because the Lord has visited them. We can't be hysterical in walking with God because that isn't integrity.

Abraham was walking through the sands, through the desert, through lack of water, through the enemies, through Pharaoh, who took his wife, through Abimelech… He kept walking, sands blowing into his eyes, gritting at his teeth, not always smiling – that is the life of faith. Abraham was a man of integrity, a true genuine «I» was in him.

And the church is supposed to give her true «I», true identity, not any mask, because the Blood of Christ circulates in this true identity, in the true you, and not in masks – masks are cellophane, ceramics. There is no DNA contained in hair, but in a hair follicle, where the juice is. Present your juice and I will say, who you are.

Pilate said of Christ: «Behold the Man» Pilate asked Him a question that interested him the most: «Are you the King?» Jesus said: «It is as you say». Pilate had nothing to hide, he didn't have to fear this One doomed to die, so he was himself. He knew, what he was asking, he knew what he wanted to hear from Him. Pilate was a high rank person, he knew what human power  and glory was. He gave orders for peoples execution and saw how they changed when they were beaten, when they are crucified – he could see the true man. So he asked Jesus right away: «Are you the King?» - what kind of question is that? Have you ever heard such a question about yourself or asked anyone? But Pilate could do it. And Jesus answeres him a couple sentenses. And then he says to the crowd: «Behold the Man! Let Him go. He is innocent». Here are the two men: One is the Messiah, another is a Roman general.

Think of yourself, who you are.

As you stand before the Eternity, you won't be able to say, «I am small». Your New Man – this is the only thing that matters there. Your New Man will be weighed there, whether you have become such one. Therefore, we have to expand our limits, and that is hard work – to expand and watch, stay awake and alert. Night comes, fear, pain, all kinds of money, jobs, family, children, sicknesses – scary… But either you can sleep smiling completely given out and in full trust.

This kind of thinking has to be shaped through the years, by the gift.


Second habitation is spiritual. In 2 Corinthians Apostle Paul is asking a question, Who thinks of himself to be spiritual? In a traditional church «spiritual» would mean gifted, prophesying, praying, holy, zealous in good works. Today, do we have an idea of a spiritual one? Who thinks of himself to be spiritual? Ask yourself, am I spiritual or not? You may say, I am carnal, natural or spiritual. Today the Lord is calling us to rise up to where you can think of yourself to be spiritual. There are signs of a spiritual one. The first is thoughts, what you think of. It is written that a spiritual people set their minds on the things of the spirit, but those living according to the flesh – the things of the flesh. «To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace». Thoughts that are inside you are like odor, the mind of Christ, the garden of the Lord. But in order to have it, one has to work hard, it's not going to be there out of nothing – you have to take care of your garden. Even Eden had to be cultivated by Adam. Adam walked amidst of power of life – flowers didn't whither, trees didn't dry up, animals didn't kill one another. But it had to be brought in order through cultivation. God deposited His Kingdom inside of us, but we have to cultivate it through years. Every day care for you  brain garden. Why? Because there's the law of sin in us, we're poisoned by sin, we're taken from this world, and old Adam still lives in us by the law of sin and death, and he has to be overcome by the spirit. Those who are Christ's have crucified their flesh with passions and lusts.

Another sign of spirituality is your mouth. «For by your words you will be justifies, and by your words you will be condemned» (Matt.12:37). «A man's stomach shall be satisfied from the fruit of his mouth» (Proverbs 18:20) Your destiny comes from your mouth. A perfect man can controll his mouth, there's God's grace in His mouth.


Trials are also a sign, the way a man goes through them. Some people immediately grasp on the earthly things: doctors, people, money – it is manifested, where his foundation is. Trials speak a lot of a man, his spirituality is tested.


And nearness to the eternity. Many Christians get hysterical in a plane turbulance- not different from people of this world. You can see, he is not ready at all, him being a believer, but unable to controll himself, that is he doesn't know he is going to heaven.


The third habitation is a prophet – this is more complicated. Paul says in 1Cor.14:37: «If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet, let him aknowledge that the things, which I write to you are the commandments of the Lord. But if anyone is ignorant, let him be ignorant.» My question to you: who thinks himself to be a prophet here? There are such people. One thing is when someone else calls you a prophet, but when you call yourself a prophet inside – that is a completely different thing, this is very powerful, really high. There supposed to be such people who would stand up and say: «I am a prophet», and give you grounds for that.

«Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge. But if anything is revealed to another who sits by, let the first keep silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged. And the spirits of the prophets are subjects to thу prophets. For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints». (1Cor.14: 29-33)

There are people who take care of birds, and birds aren't afraid of them, they come surrounding them as they get in their bird house, and those people can feed them out of their mouths. The same is with the prophetic spirits aren't afraid of the prophets, they are subject to them. There are prophets who walk, and prophetic spirits sit upon them like birds. What a Beauty!

A prophet isn't the one who says «this says the Lord», and you have goosebumps on your back – oh, it was a prophetic sermon, brother. But he is first of all the one, who knows the heart and the mind, who the Father is, the way the Spirit moves, His feelings, not all of them, because He is unsearchable, but he knows the Way. He is a friend of God. He has his own special way, he is not like anyone else. He may have a school like Elisha, but he is always unique. He may reach the point of maturity where his uniqueness, his special odor, his special gift, is manifested. Such man may be a sign himself. What happens with him is already a message. His events are a voice. God said to Ezekiel: «When you prophesy I will take away from you the desire of your eyes, but this is a sign for them – so is My people Israel». So as Ezikiel prophesied his wife died, and God said: «Make no mourning for her, so will not I». He made the prophet a message, and things that happened ti him were a prophecy.

And so it happens, today there are those people who are the Voice of the Lord on earth. Their movement is unique, you can hardly put them next to all others, they don't fit in. God has unique relationship with these people, not like with all the rest. Be careful and watchful with those people.


The last habitation is a mystic – from the word mystery, he is no magician, but you cna call him a pilgrim of the spirit. The way mystics live is not like all othe in the great Catholic church live. It's more of an order style of living and not everyone can endure that. This what Francis of Assisi did when he left all the riches and titles of his family and set off to restore churches, help the poor, sleeping on the ground… Mystics don't fit in the general frame of church people, their life style looks very strange, really ascethic. They get bored within the limits of an average layman's life. They aren't able to breathe there, they demand a greater dedication. And Roman Catholics were wise enough to have orders get born and live within the Church. This is a much higher level of spirituality. Those pilgrims of the spirit move in high places. They may be hermits, abide in their personal vows, prayers. We ought to embrace such kind of people.

If you lack God in an ordinary church meeting, probably things are all right with you – just have to live like a mystic. Keep silent, pray, move with God in the nights, set yourself apart, fast more often. We have one brother who goes on a 40days fast twice a year and says, he can't do without it. It's his thirst. And it's so wonderful when we have mystics in our churches, and there's room for them. I consider myself a mystic, it's always too little for me in church, I have to break through into dangerous and wild places, I love the wild wind and wild odors. God's mercy over me is great that I received my calling and want to continue moving forward.

And what is with you? Adam, where are you?