“The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace” (Psalm 29:11).


Today the Lord wants to release movement on this earth. He is not making any institutions, structures or prayer houses. The Lord wants to release movement, and this requires prophetic and Apostolic fathers.

Last year we received five stones of revelation.

This season I want to give an introduction into the prophetic message. This Word is not just for the year 2021; this Word is for the season. For God, a year isn't 365 days, for Him "one day is like a thousand years, but a thousand years is like one day." And also the Lord has a layering of seasons. Just as clouds have no specific boundaries, they overlap, so one season succeeds another. God makes a smooth transition of times.


We are in the third part of gaining a higher level in martial arts of the spirit. The book is meant for the ones longing and seeking greater spirituality. This training reveals the knowledge of God, gives new strategies for the new season.

Photographer Adam Dombrauskas

"Apocalypse" project


The Word Revealed that is granted at the Eastern Gates releases the Apostolic Movement and fire throughout the earth. Today there is a great need for the restoration of the Apostolic Mantle for the Church. Apostolic teaching comes from the Spirit and from Life. We, as the last messengers, carry the dimension of the Last. This is the Dimension of Maranatha.


We are glad to introduce a wonderful unique book by Roman Jedidiah that talks about and empowers with keys given by the Lord through revelation to reach indigenous nations; keys that work in any part of the world today.

Dear friends,

We offer to your attention the second book of Martial Arts of the Spirit series, meant for people who are targeted at a higher level of spirituality, i.e. not for avarage Christianity. This book is meant not only for reading, but for practical training of these spiritual secrets of fight.

We apologize in advance: the book is not written in the narrataive genre, as in every place where this Word was released it sounded first not on paper, but in the spiritual world.

We believe that all these weapons and techniques will serve to the benefit and multiplying of God’s Kingdom.

Be blessed in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

During a whole period of traveling on mission we were moving in the study of the book of the Acts of the Apostles. We were receiving instruction in Europe, in the Urals, in Israel, in the Far East, in Asia, in other places of our ministry where God’s messengers work. The Lord directs us so that the Acts of the Apostles work wherever we release this teaching. Therefore, receive this message, carefully listening to what the Holy Spirit will speak today in place of your dwelling and ministry! Hallelujah! And this is your time. It is right now, which means TODAY ... when you hear His voice.

 "Martial Arts of the Spirit " is a series of sermons meant for equipping and empowering with the aim of mastering a high level of walking in spiritual freedom and victory.

​Martial arts of the Spirit, which will be discussed in our book, — is something more than the ability to lead a spiritual war.

Martial arts are special techniques, specific information that only skilled warriors have mastered.

Each spiritual warrior must have a self-instruction manual, in which several dozens of spiritual warfare techniques are presented. A warrior must step into the mastery of the spiritual arts. 

The book "On the Way Home" tells the story of House of Life movement beginning with the calling of His vessel and continuing with unfolding journey of saving people and nations by the abundant Grace of the Lord.