"Shoah" Holocaust Exhibition

Before the very beginning of our network’s August Conference the Holy Spirit took us to search through the subject of Holocaust; so we gathered the material and made an exhibition that we don’t call an exhibition, but a well, because it’s become a place where we draw the living water of compassion, that crushes and transforms our hearts, and deepens our knowledge of God.

Different materials on Holocaust are presented in the well – starting with photos of victims and their executioners and various information on this phenomenon in human history to the wooden plunk-bed and a striped robe that translate the atmosphere of a concentration camp to some degree. There is a wall of the righteous men of peace – non Jews who became worthy of this highest title for non Jews for the help they rendered to Jews in time of Holocaust. There is soft music playing as the background, and documental videos of those times.

Being in this place not only shakes you, but makes you think of what is it that is the most important, and where was God, and it tests our hearts: “What would I do in such circumstances?”

"The Bible" Exhibition

We go from strength to strength, from glory to glory and are glad to announce that a new well has opened! A Bible museum has opened in our base where we exalt an glorify the Word of God!

In this museum we reveal the history of Holy Scriptures, go through history and times of the Church, touch the New Testament and Old Testament prophets, drawing as the red line the main message of the Bible – the Love of the Father to the mankind through the sacrifice of His Son. The exhibition fills you with the Spirit, power and the Word, and all who go through it, certainly get empowered.

The Church had different seasons, of some of them many still speak with hatred. But despite all the dark spots of history God’s Word remains unchanged!

“Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2Tim.3:12) We learn the life stories of many people who were the Bible translators. Some of them even became the authors of written languages for the whole nations, like Armenians or Slavic nations. Practically all who served and labored in God’s field for the sake of spreading God’s Word were persecuted, ill-treated and even endured death.

Such important information is valuable and essential for every educated person. The Word of God influenced arts, politics and literature. Mozart, Bach, Hendel, Michelangelo, Rembrandt gained inspiration through the Bible! The whole history of human civilization is based upon knowing and revealing God through His Word!

The Word of God is the most published, most translated, most sold, most “destroyed” book in the world. And even today it is the Word where many people find answers to their questions. Science confirms the fact written in the Word.

We have another part of eschatology as well which talks about the last days. Many scholars have discovered that 98% of the Biblical prophecies have come to pass with 100% preciseness. Only 2% remain that talk about the coming of Christ soon, about the last days. And we are to become eyewitnesses of this Word being fulfilled because “the Word of God endures forever!”

The exhibition stirs and inspires us to study the Word of God more and more, to go deep into the Scripture and seek Christ more intensely! This place is an empowerment for all of us. God is abiding with us and confirms through the revelations of His Spirit, which is an encouragement for us. We bless you with this exhibition and hope many will go through these rings of Abraham’s well!


"Eastern Gates"


With great joy we want to inform you about the opening of the new exhibition, of "the Well", dedicated to the history of mission called "Eastern Gate".


The history of the Christian missionary movement is the history of tens of thousands of people who for two thousand years have been heading to all countries of the world to carry the Good News of the Savior. This is not just a collection of dry facts. This is an exciting story about the destiny of people, their sorrows and joys; the story of the tragedies and adventures.

Christianity became the dominant world religion precisely because of the tireless labor of its missionaries — a fact that changed the face of the world. “World Christianity,  Leslie Newbigin writes, is the result of the greatest scope and development of the missionary movement over the past two hundred years. Such development, regardless of people's attitude to Christianity, is one of the most remarkable factors in human history. The facr that the phenomenon is not often taken into account or underestimated, can be considered as an extraordinary event in contemporary life. "

 They did not notice and underestimated not only the spread of Christianity itself, but treated those men and women who contributed to this spread in the same way. Those were purposeful people, fully committed to the cause, driven by a sense of urgency, so rarely found even in the most patriotic and militant mood of fulfilling one's duty. “Early missionaries were born warriors and great people,” Pearl Buck wrote. “Shy and weak souls could not sail across the seas to reach foreign countries, neglect death and danger; they carried religion as a banner, and under it even death itself would become the victorious end. Go forward, cry out, warn and save others - all this was a need for souls already saved. "

In our "Well" you can "go" through the centuries - from the calling of Abram, to the Great Commission of Christ and the mission of the first Apostles, from the violent persecutions in the Roman Empire to the adoption of Christianity as the state religion, the emergence of orders and movements that brought the Good News to the most distant places land. We touch the destinies of God's heroes, ordinary men and women who responded to God's call and went to distant tribes, sacrificing a comfortable life, health, family ... We also look at the fields that have turned white and ripe for the harvest - the nations still unreached by the Gospel who are waiting for a new wave of missionaries of faith to rise, who to God's call: "Who will go for Us?" will answer: "Here I am, send me!"