There are seven mysteries of God, that Paul speaks about that they are mysteries. It is written about the mysteries in the Bible. For example, the mystery of Christ. Many people who come to God, do not know the mystery of Christ. They know that Jesus is their Savior, but do not understand all the power of redemption, the very meaning of it. They don’t know the mystery of Christ. And Paul is writing such words: “My knowledge in the mystery of Christ, as I have written already.” That is he knew the mystery of Christ, and he was able to record it. “I have briefly written already” –  it can be written even briefly or in detail. There is the mystery of resurrection: “I tell you a mystery: we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed”. Paul also calls the rapture of the Church a mystery. There are seven mysteries of God, I won’t speak about them all.  But one of the mysteries of Paul is the mystery of Israel. “Behold, I tell you a mystery… All of Israel will be saved”. He talks about Israel and about the remnant, this is a complicated subject, we won’t go deep into it, because one has to teach on that, and I want us to have this kind of teaching.

The fullness of the Apostolic church will be always connected with Israel. I tell you a sign: if a church is growing in the Apostolic, it will certainly have the revelation of Israel, because it is impossible to be Apostolic without it. Apostle Paul says in Ephesians: “in order to make both one”. And he is speaking about the mystery: that one New man is possible only when the Church of the Gentiles is joined with Israel, in one New man.

I want to say one thing: that in order to be spiritual Israel you do not have to be a Jew, you don’t have to have Jewish blood. And it’s not about who loves more or less, but I am speaking about having identification. Apostle Paul is writing such words: “What if God, wanting to show His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had prepared beforehand for glory, even us whom He called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles? As He says also in Hosea: “I will call them My people, who were not My people, and her beloved, who was not beloved.” – Very powerful revelation – Apostle Paul calls himself IDENTIFIED WITH THE GENTILES! Being a Jew of the Jews, of the tribe of Benjamin, raised at the feet of Gamaliel – he has identified himself, as Apostle of the Gentiles,  with the Gentiles. You have never heard about this before. I read this Word once again: “and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had prepared beforehand for glory, even us – EVEN US! – whom He called… of the Gentiles! Do you hear? Apostle Paul, a Jew, calls himself “called of the Gentiles”, because he has identified himself like Jesus. And Christ once said: “I have sheep not of this flock, whom I also must bring” – our Christ was speaking about the Gentiles.

And he is writing such words to Philippians: “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the circumcision!” I always wonder, how Christians who come to Israel, then get circumcised. Paul is writing “beware of the circumcision”, beware of the circumcision! “For we are the circumcision, who worship (serve) God in the Spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh” – three signs of a circumcised man. I remember a dream where I was circumcised, it was done very quickly. An instance – and I am already circumcised. I woke up thinking “what a wondrous dream!” Angels in white robes did circumcision to me. And I come to Israel and say to brothers: “Brothers, I am circumcised!” Many of you are not circumcised, because the spiritual circumcision has three signs: who have no confidence in the flesh, who serve God in the Spirit – and not by education or intellect, or soul – and rejoicing (boasting) in Christ Jesus, and not in our own achievements. These are the three signs of a circumcised spiritual man: serving God in the Spirit, rejoicing in Christ Jesus and having no confidence in the flesh. “though I also might have confidence in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the flesh, I more so: circumcised the eighth day, (you can bend your fingers counting) of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; concerning the law, a Pharisee; concerning zeal, persecuting the church; concerning the righteousness which is in the law, blameless. But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ”. This is the way Apostle Paul became a Gentile. It began with him taking off all his titles of a Jew of the Jews, raised by a Pharisee, and putting it all at the rubbish tank. He didn’t push it ahead of himself saying: “I now have the double right that you all listen to me: I am baptized in the Spirit, I am an Apostle and I am also a Jew!” He took his Jewish background and put it by the rubbish. Do you hear? I am saying it now and oh, how rough it all sounds now! You read it and prove to me otherwise! I count this loss! I read it again: “But what things were gain to me (what he just said), these I have counted loss for Christ” And he continues: “and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had prepared beforehand for glory, EVEN US WHOM HE CALLED OF THE GENTILES!” Apostle Paul went to the Gentiles and became a Gentile, so that he could then bring the Gentiles not into Judaism, but to Christ after the order of Melchizedek. Oooh, I’ve done this! This is serious. I know what kind of anger I will cause from the Messianic Jews. Listen, Paul a Jew of the Jews, became the Apostle of the Gentiles. And until Israel humbles herself and until it stirs up jealousy within her, we will not see awakened Israel.  As long as she remains in her Jewish pride, until she exalts above the Gentiles in her Jewish supremacy… I was in one gathering, they said there: “Hey, there are Indian walking here” – I rose and left from there, because I will never stay in such a meeting. This is insane – to exalt over the nations of the world, that Christ died for. And first go the Gentiles, this is like the prodigal son. It is written: “Now if their fall (that is the fall of Israel) is riches for the world and their loss the riches of the Gentiles – that is, faith is not lost in Israel. One of the most atheistic countries in the world is Israel. Ideologists of atheism are Jews: Karl Marks, Engels, Nietzsche – these are all Jews, ideologists of atheism. Even today among the scholars, Nobel prize winners there are very many Jews, who totally deny the existence of God. One of the most atheistic countries are Jews. This is the loss of faith. But this will change. Because Paul says and that is a revelation: “I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not! But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles”. This is the reason why the Lord came to the Gentiles: to raise the Church, so much loving and jealous for Christ that those ones shall see that the Gentiles love Christ more than they do; that they worship God, suffer for God, serve God stronger than they do… And this must stir their jealousy – “And what about us?! We are the people of the promises, we are the chosen people!” And so must this stirring of jealousy happen.

“For I speak to you Gentiles; inasmuch as I am an Apostle to the Gentiles” – he speaks and he doesn’t switch on his Jewish blood! He says “what is the advantage of the circumcision – none!” “I magnify my ministry, if by any means I may provoke to jealousy those  who are  my flesh and save some of them. For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be, but life from the dead?”

There are four Israels, remember that. If you don’t have this revelation, it will be hard to see that we have a revelation of Israel. There is such a small heresy among those who frequently visited or who was rejected entry to Israel. They say: “Israel didn’t let me in”. Never say so, this is not true. But if Israel didn’t let you in, that is you are not mature enough for Israel or Israel has reasons not to let you in – this means that God of Israel isn’t letting you in, is He? How are you going to live after that? It is nonsense. Never say so, this is heresy. There are four Israels. The first one is the state of Israel. And what it does is often times breaking of the will of God, and the Lord judges Israel for those things. The state of Israel doesn’t always do “holy works”, it often breaks the will of God. Therefore, please, do not ascribe to God the works of the state. Are you here with me? Right now enlightenment is happening, revelation is growing and we are being set free. Second is Jewish people, who are even in scattering – they are Israel as well. New York is one the most Jewish cities. There are cities where tens and hundreds thousand of Jews live – this is Israel in scattering, and it’s greater than Israel in her land. And this is all Israel, because the Jewish people are Israel, and this is the second dimension. The third one is the land itself, literal land – is Israel. This is the third dimension. And when we come there and put our feet on the land, a different level of the Angelic movement happens, than when we meet in some other country. This is why it very important to come to Israel, put our feet there, and bless the land with the revelation of Israel. And the fourth dimension is the Shining Zion, this is Israel, Jews, who have received the Messiah, this is Messianic Israel – those who already have the fullness of the grace in Christ, who have received the baptism of the Spirit, who have Jewish blood and walk sanctified. They shall be marked by walking in truth through being joined with the Gentiles, and they will be serving the Gentile people, and not use the grace for their pride and self-exhaling. They will go into nations and will carry Christ’s glory. They are already the forerunners of the once coming global salvation of Israel. May God bless us in the name of Jesus Christ.

And today we are called to abide in revelation, revelation of the seven seals, and one of them is the mystery of Israel. You and I must know the mystery of Israel. All of Israel shall be saved, that is the remnant. Not those who are of Jews, calling themselves Jews, but they are lawless ones – it’s not about them, but the remnant ordained for the eternity – she will get saved. Paul speaks about her – this holy remnant the Lord is keeping for Himself today. And one day He will come on the Mount of Olives, He will stand on it, it will split, and then those who pierced Him shall mourn, and the time for Israel shall come. The time of the Gentiles is coming to en end, the cup of the Gentiles is already full, and when the last number of the Gentiles enters into salvation… And it already ticking, every day thousands and thousands are rushing into God’s Kingdom thanks to missionaries, workers and those who keep God’s Word; this clock is ticking, they are entering the Kingdom. The second clock hand is nearing midnight, soon the end will come. And the time of Israel shall come, masses of Israel shall come to Christ. And we are the forerunners today, who are doing this together with Paul, who identified with the Gentiles, and we of the Gentiles identify with Israel – we are moving towards each other, digging this tunnel, so that Christ can walk this way. Today is our time, and we must use it in full might!