I will say a few things about this season. Reconstruction of people's life styles is happening, and you say that no one is able to change anything. You can change things to the degree that is given to you within your restrictions of your life circle. In this time it's really important to understand that we'll have to change. It's inevitable. Many people will be disappointed because they expected that everything will get back to its «normal course». The virus will be gone, and we'll return to our former wolrd. But the former world will never be back. Even if the virus is gone, everything has already changed. People's conscience has changed. Man realizes he cannot trust the government, that medical methods don't work, don't save. Man has experienced his own helplessness, helplessness of the systems he has built. So, the world has already changed. Reconstruction of lyfe style is going on.

It is also a great reconstruction for Christians, because we are reforming our relationship with God. The majority of Christians meet much less nowadays. Concert type of ministries, like drama or show fell off completely, because church service halls are empty today. So, it is imporant to understand that reforming is happening, along with change of quality of our faith. The world is getting its own thing, is tested its way, but the Church is transiting to another level, the true Church, I am not talking about concerts, organizations and societies that simply get together. Today I am talking about faith that will stand through any circumstance.

Reforming of an individual is happening. You know, however strange it may sound, but the Lord is also changing the very personality of a believing man. Many things that we planned today slip away. Some of us made quality planning of this year, trips, saving money, having even purchased tickets. Now everything is cancelled for who knows how long. Today I heard one polititian say that most probably in the US they won't be back to schooling in this school year. With what is happening there they will keep the distant study.

And it's especially important to understand that reshaping of habbits is going on. There are certain habbits that shaped our lives, our identity, our place in being, our world perception and understanding.

For example, when you have free time or a day off you get engaged with things that you choose, you have freedom of choice. This optional time in a person's life speaks of his mentality, of his priorities. Some people prefer getting relaxed, others prefer development or active type of rest, some focus on improving their intellectual abilities or making a career, depositing in the future of yourself our your child. But today many things have been blocked, and a reforming even of our habbits is happening. And it is very important to make the right choice.

I urge all the believers regardless of age and positions to begin working on yourselves, begin to engage yourself with things that will bring you spiritual dividends; begin to reinforce your spiritual man, build him up, because it's the spirit that will be under most pressure, so that one looses his spirit, so that his spirit dims, that he looses his joy. Today we hear less laughter in the streets, and you have a feeling that it's somewhat inappropriate. And think of places where a thousand people dies every year – one can't laugh in the streets at all. This way, gradually, all the good will be pushed out of the society.

Because as it's written in the Book of Revelation, the kingdom of antichrist will be full of darkness. It was full of darkness because there was no spirit of joy, no life establishing spirit.

So, this reconstruction is going on now. This is a season of reforming the very nature of our lives, and I urge all of us to begin with our spirit! To start building from there, to reinforce our relationship and nearness with God, because everything else will flow out of there.

We can see that physical power doesn't matter much now, we are in a different age already. Even mind and intellect don't matter that much. The ability to survive on some reflex intuitional level is transferring into electronic format. And we see a new world today, the world has changed.

I was born when there were no computers around. There were some huge memory storages somewhere in the military technologies. Then came this pager thing – very serious for those who know what it is. They gave me a pager as present and it was fantastic. At first I had to realize what fear of computers was. Perhaps you haven't heard such a term, but we did. It's something like when you put a cucumber before a kitten, he can die of fear. I had to even throw away one pager, because it caused me to. Then pager was replaceв by a cell phone, it was a terribly expensive thing, and you could make phone calls with no wires, pull him out of your pocket and call. Then a screen thing came and on and on; and even in the poorest countries of the world, in slums you can find people with gadgets, who can be on the internet, send messages, watch video. Prophets spoke of that.

The world has changed and will never return to the former course. Look at how many changes happened wihin one generation, and things keep changing. I believe we won't return to the former world after the pandemic has been over. We will return into a different world, and we'll be different. And this is happening right now right here.

What do you think, when Christ comes or the Angels' trumpets sound, will people feel it somehow differently? Say, a wife pushing her husband and saying: «You know, I have a feeling the seventh trumpet will blow tomorrow» They will feel exactly the same, their stomach will roar the same way, their mood will go up and down, they will talk all sort of nonsense in the kitchen. And Christ will come. These are exactly the same kind of people as we are. It may be even us, may be next generation, but life will remain this simple, only already different. Therefore, do not be deceived, this very world that we live is the world that the Bible talks of. It's not any fantastical world with extraordinary people – it's about us, about this daily rutine, where everything will happen.

A change in understanding the paradigm of the future is happening. You know, the Scripture says: «Behold, you plan to set off for a journey – saying «I'll sail on a ship or take an airplane» - not knowing that you are like a vapor that appears and vanishes away. You don't know what will be tomorrow and you plan, instead of saying «If the Lord wills and we stay alive this or that will happen». You know how many tourists are really mad today. I know many people cancelled their trips, they planned to accomlish great things this year. And today all this is falling apart. Through this many were drawn to run to church and begin to raise their spirituality, but others were drawn to live by flesh.

Therefore, today we need new strategies for the church, new strategies for the work in the Great Commission. Imagine, that they would forbid to move in the streets, like it already is in some countries. Brothers from Israel say this is really difficult to move outside as they give big penalties, sad to say – imagine it's true for everywhere. It's not so yet, but it may be – no problem. How are we going to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ who specifically says to go and preach to all nations. He didn't say to wait until pandemiс is over. He said GO NOW, and it was a «cairos» point in time. How are we going to do this? Some say «internet» - ok, praise God for the internet. But not everybody is willing to move in Christian channels. Look at the number of the views, and you'll feel sad and gloomy and no one to stretch your hand to. Look at the number of the subscribers for Christian channels – the same story, it's a miserable drop in the ocean. They are boring, uninteresting and wanted by no one except the Christian world. So you won't find sinners by the internet. Perhaps some, praise God some have been found. A school of fish is passing by, and you are there with your fishing hook. You get one fish, run to work on it and fry it, the school is gone, you set off to follow it and so forth. Today we need new strategies for moving in the Great Commission, new strategies for the Churh ministry in general. Even now it is not only the world being tested preparing for the artificial intelligence, but it is also trying and testing of the Church that must endure in these conditions today and continue to pull those ordained for the eternal life off the hell road.

Therefore, as never before, there is a great need in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in the gifts of revelation, so that the Lord reveals to us today how we should move with the Holy Spirit. And it is also important to move with God in His judgments. We take part in God's judgments if we are righteous, we are not afraid of the judgments, neither we run away from them. We don't stand with sinners praying to be spared – we move with Him and in Him. If He moves in the judgments we go with Him. But in order to move  in judgments with HIm we need spirit of compassion: this is a code, this is an access, this is a password that we'll be let by into His judgments. If we move with cruelty,  feel good when someone gets in trouble, don't compassionate enough like Jonah, then we won't be let in His judgments. So the spirit of compassion is our right to be in nearness with God. Especially now when prophecies are being fulfilled, when we prophesy judgments and they come, we shouldn't get joyful about prophecies being fulfilled, but we need the spirit of Jeremiah, who grieved and suffered and didn't want to prophesy. It is hard to speak about bad things. It's not popular not only because others preachers would hate you – they begin to excuse their position – but also because you are a human, and you have to be like Jeremiah, who said «I didn't want to speak, but have to shout. I wanted to stay silent, but there was a fire in my bones». Therefore, ask God for the spirit of compassion.

Today is Easter Sunday, and this is wonderful. We move in joy, and I thank the Lord that we have a gathering, not single, in different places we gather with our church and give a warrior's shout, we worship, we listen to God's Word, we see each other's eyes, we are here in the warmness of God, and He is doing His work with our hearts. This isn't a big hall with a pulpit, it's closer, we are here all together. Outside it may be burning Rome like it was for the first Christians with the furious insane Nero. Outsode there may be cyber objects and quadrohopters flying and scanning faces – what difference does it make? The Church must preserve its nature of the Gospel. We may have different traditions that we have taken from either Orthodox or Catholic or Lutheran, but the only tradition that will endure through the hard times is the Gospel tradition. When we speak the language of the Gospel, we quote it, we speak after the Gospel, we take the Gospel and live by it, we speak about the Gospel – in this we shall endure. Chaff will come off, but the real thing of God will remain. Today, as never before, we need to abide in God's Word, and this is why we must gather around God's Word.
We already said that this time is the beginning of sorrows. When you see famines, pestilences, earthquakes, do not be surprised, this is all the beginning of sorrows. The very sorrows will begin when they start saying «peace and safety», and everything is moving towards everyone saying it. How can we give enough food to seven billion? We have to cut the number. Well, it's too difficult to give enough food to 7 billion, because the ruling class wants to live very well, much better than the middle class, but we have to get rid of the lower class, I mean the lowest. It has to be done humanly, without applying human hands, on some inexplicable unknown level – but it has to be done. If we remove two-three million and bring it down to four or three at the best – oh, how wonderful it's going to be, especially for the rulling top. Robots and artificial intelligence can govern the planet, so it's going to work well. Ecology will be much better. These extra 4 billion – how much waste they bring! It, of course, litters the world ocean, because everything in the end flows into it.

And despite the Easter Day I want to speak about fresh up to date things. I will read from the book of Revelation.

«Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.» You understand what it talks about: there's the dragon, the first beast, and there's the second beast, as it's written, another beast. The dragon is the devil and Satan, the first beast is antichrist and the second beast, that we are talking about, is the false prophet, who comprises a certain kind of people and structures consisting of these people, who are him. And look at his assignment: he doesn't promote himself. And so it is, it's a copy of God's Kingdom: when Jesus glorifies the Father, and the Holy Spirit glorifies the Son and the Father, that the Father be glorified. I read it again: «Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb – that is, it will be connected with Christianity and Israel - and spoke like a dragon.» What is the difference of the dragon? – he receives the glory. He takes glory from God, he steals it. But the Lord said: «I will give My Glory to no one».

And he exercises all the authority of the first beast-antichrist in his presence, and causes – that is he forces - the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast. To the beast, not the dragon, but antichrist. And antichrist give the worship to the dragon…whose deadly wound was healed  - do you see? He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived.» Image of the beast… Brothers and sisters, we are in this right now as never before! I read it and I see everything clearing having visions before my eyes, and I keep seeing these faces, they flash and pass by. We are in these verses. All the tendencies that come from there, it's like a day: it starts 6 am, a working day, and ends in the evening, and you say «today is Friday», because you are in this day. About the same is with this prophecy. Half day or half night is at 12, but a day is a day, and today is a day, and we are inside this day, even if our clock says nine or 6, or 9 or twelve, or 17. I personally feel we are about 12 minutes to 12.

«He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.» Do you hear – to kill… Don't think it's only about the physical death. Many people expect horror thrillers, a dead man can eat a lot, sleep a lot, work a lot, be an Olympic champion… But you know, recently we watched a prophecy of one prophet, who spoke about Elvis Presley. He called him the chief of modern traytors, because he used to go to Pentacostal church, speak in tongs, be an active church member in his youth days, and then he betrayed Christ, betrayed the church. And this prophet declares him the chief of modern prophets, the main Judas of the contemporary world. Think what a perspective, how interesting.

«Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.»

Human number. We spoke not once that all of the genious of human achievements won't bring happiness. Comfort object, scientific-technological progess – it all is a number. And here it talks about numbers. Everything is in numbers – 666. Man is treefold: spirit, soul and body. And all these 6 numbers at the body level won't cause us to live longer because of medicine. At the soul level we won't be wiser because of information; neither will we be happier, because spirit is also a six. Information, comfort objects and wealth will never make us better and happier.

Look at the status that is mentioned here where the mark will get in: both small and great. Do you see? This is amazing, small and great will receive the mark. Rich and poor: man can be great, but not rich. There are many great ones in history that weren't rich – they didn't want riches. If they focused on the riches they would've been rich,  but they didn't want it. Rich and poor, free and slave. Well, rich people can also be really bad guys. A rich one doesn't mean he is the smartest, he may have simply cheated everyone. He may be an unworthy or even horrible person, but he is rich. It doesn't mean he is good. And look, this is interesting: free and slave. It's not only about jails, but also about the inside condition. BUT there's no morality mentioned! Do you see? There's no humaneness. It doesn't say «kind and mean», it doesn't say «saints and unrighteous», it doesn't say «believers and nonbelievers». Here things are listed that  contain neither humaneness nor morality, nor spirituality. It's blank, clear 666. This is what's happening in the world today. I realize this can cause ridicule and sarcasm, but I'm deeply convinced that these things are coming into this world, and we are being tested for certain stuff.

Recently we spoke that coronavirus has four levels. The first level is physical, which is medicine and science, that is there is scientific grounds for coronavirus. There is demonic, occult level, when the thing was released, and Satan directs it; it's the same as Satan killed Christ. But there's also God's dimension, when God delivered Christ for crucifixion. How come Satan killed Christ when God delivered Him for crucifixion? Well, when God gave His Son for crucifixion, it was Satan who did the dirty work. The virus does the same thing – God allowed it. There was practically a decision, God’s determination to release this virus, and Satan went with it. Today many preachers see only one thing: Satan’s face, but they don’t understand what stands behind it. And can a disaster happen in the city that wasn’t allowed by the Lord? So it’s written in Lamentations, and this is the Bible, the Word that never changes. “If I send a plague upon my people, on the land, and my people shall humble themselves, leave their sins, pray and seek My face and cry out, I will forgive their sins and heal their land.” The Lord says, “If I SEND”. If I send COVID-19, and MY PEOPLE make a decision, then it will be stopped.

The fourth level is ideological. Demonic and ideological stand together, which is 666, when there are certain people that stand behind all this, in order to transfer all of people to a certain level of thinking and seeing the world, to rule this world and bring peace and safety. If you believe the Scriptures and read them not for the sake of getting a new car and having your daughter pass exams well, and you look somewhat further beyond the boundaries of your matter, if you are interested in something more than comfort objects, and Jesus is no Santa, but the Ruler – then you must know the Bible. Where is it all going? – Antichrist will rise, and many will accept him as Messiah. It will be very fine, it won’t be foolish, it won’t be rough, it will be done fine and delicate. He will be perfect, he will introduce a perfect society. But there will be no Holy Spirit, and there is no room for Christ. And what is happening now is all try-outs and preparations. I recently heard one scholar saying that’s what happening is a testing of how artificial intelligence can accumulate informations, process it, and how, despite all the victims, during this time we could transfer to the electronic format of governing the state.

This is all the beginning of sorrows and we are coming to this. This isn’t any phobia, this is all real, you can draw it all out and prove. And today we can’t play kindergarden, tell encouragers that don’t work – we have to get into the core of things. I don’t think either Moses or Elijah would do the encouragers now.
New order and the nature of world arrangement doesn’t touch the other part of creation. Neither plants nor animals suffer. They come out to see and get puzzled, they crawl out of woods and… garbage tanks look full, some passers by are there, they can smell dogs, but where are the people? They are surprised, the creaters and birds – I think they know and understand more than human beings.

And look how much the planet is poisoned, you can’t imagine, how much it’s poisoned. How can the earth tolerate this when she is alive? How can the earth that produced all the green grass, and the matter of which man was made was taken from the earth – how can she stand it all, when man is destroying it today?

And it’s not the virus that is the major enemy, but the system that starts manifesting its nature and motives. Isolation is a jail for an individual. You know how big of an outburst of suicide there’s now – really big people, wealthy, officials, scholars, experts now in these days end their lives by suicide. The system steps out against an individual, against a human being as individuality. Equalization must happen down to the matter. The example of sexual education in Europe and other places, when a child looks at the “kid style” pictures of sex relations, mommy-daddy. In social networks we now have “two mommies and two daddies” emojies, cartoons talking about same sex marriage. It’s not any accident or funny thing or a trick of a film director. This is all an intentional work; certain ideologists stand behind it, who pay big money for these things to be forced in. Are you that naïve that you think otherwise? Or you don’t want to talk about this. O, yes, we have to get a little happy. No. I will be where God is. I will be wherever His eye have stopped.

Look at the scenario of past experience, Christians of Roman Empire. They had endured because of their gatherings. They just were not to do two things: not to preach about Christ and not to get together – that’s it, you survive, you have no persecution. Look you believed through your aunt some place, you are a Christian, you come to Rome – oops, here’s persecution, they kill and cast to the beasts. You hear it, and what do you do? You simply don’t say you are a Christian, just like many of us, especially during this time, preaching has ceased. Well, except for online for some small amount, maybe 300 views or 1000, or 10000, or even 50000, but this is nothing compared to seven billion. And there they are looking at one another licking everything smooth – a sad picture.

And the second thing: they kill for a gathering, raids, rapings, murders. You simply don’t get together – coronavirus. The same thing in Roman Empire – you were not to do the two things.

And today preachers preach, thank God for making internet, that the devil stole it from Him – such nonsense! It’s just about one of the 6 numbers. What does God have to do with this? Are you out of your mind? There is a difference between what God created and what man created. God created man, but man have sought out many schemes. And when we make something, then it’s us and not God who makes it! When Cain went to build cities it was Cain and not God who built cities. God made Cain, He gave him birth through Adam and Eve, but He didn’t make cities, it was Cain who made cities. So don’t confuse it, friends, who made the internet. Stop hanging such things on our Father, users.

So much foolishness is preached about God today, it’s incredible. Imagine they will never allow us to have meetings again – what are you going to do? – “We will change the doctrine, we will dig into Scriptures in order to ajust it to ourselves. We will find a way to change it, so that it’s proved there that we don’t have to get together. But the Body is made up of members together. And the close, the stronger, the more whole the Body is, the hotter and stronger it is. It’s written the we together come to the knowledge of the depth, the hight, the length, the width. And together we come to the knowledge of what Christ’s love is.

The world is being transferred to living in the digital field. The need in direct contact communications ceases. Premature deaths are of course expected, projected and desirable. There won’t be a need in instructors, because the artificial intelligence will give us every answer. There are these information resourses like Wikipedia, we use it and get all the necessary information. Why would we need libraries, museums – when you can watch it all on a big screen, even virtually, if you put on glasses they will take you through all the chambers like a bird. Everything is much more impressive and causes more emotions to your body, than if you go on foot and get tired. Here you can relax, chew and watch.

Teachers, look at educations. Unneded propfessions will be pushed out by the artificial intelligence. You know, it’s like a medicine that you can’t really test until you take it in. “Mom, what’s this? – This is useful, son, drink it. – What about this pill, is it useful? – It is useful, take it in”. And you can’t check if it’s useful until you take it in.

Doctors, arts workers, communicative fellowships that spend time in direct contact, will be pushed out. And demanded fellowships like programmists, ideologists of modern thinking, ip-workers, secret services, police and executive system will reinforce, because people must be punished. The authority institution will become even more separated and unreachable. Poverty will be made average by means of pushing out the poor, weak, unable to serve the system – they will become unprofitable fro the society. The will be stimulated for early premature deaths. Well, we don’t know what they give to drug addicts. They give them drugs, they become like vedges, but the drug is working so that they aren’t driven for criminal, it suppressed one’s will. Look at those who are dependant on methadone programs and so forth – they walk like shadows, they’ve been declared sick and put on methadone, substitute of heroine, very strong chemical stuff. And when you switch from heroine to methadone you get into the system, and they take you every day to a “drinking bowl”. Brothers sent us a video from Paris, the city is totally empty, but the brothers are walking to preach the Gospel in search of people. There is a place in Barbes street where they can legally take drugs – and there they are, all the funny guys standing in line 1meter away from one another. They stand there observing the law for taking shots! Can you imagine that? And our guys preach there in Barbes street.

So, they are given this stuff, and how can you check what they give them? He takes it, stops doing criminal stuff, becomes a vedge and quickly disappears from this earth, he dissolves somewhere, no one knows where they bury them.

So, this is all testing time. You know, in some countries there is this eugenics science, which deals with helping people to leave this world; in some European countries they forbid it , in others allowed. And those who are sick with a physical or mental desease they can simply cross the border, get in a different European community and put himself to death there: lie down on a couch, get a shot and thus kill himself, only legally.

The state will trade life, that is, it doesn’t serve for people’s good, but use them as material, and many services that are supposed to be state ones, such as medical service and education, are s business for the government. We are watching the society being changed. And do you know where we get to? To the cities of Cain. Today’s world with mega cities is a city, which Cain is building. The spirit of Cain. Do you think you would be able to enter a Cain’s city and be received there? Look at the number of beggars in the streets, who have no place to stay overnight, nobody gives them any treatment, no one feeds them. And in the cities of Cain the story was the same, only the numbers were smaller. I think, Sodom and Gomorrah were best capitals among Cain’s cities. Are they any better today? Are they any different from Moscow, New York or Tel Aviv? Lord, no better. There is such a Scripture place in Revelation, when Jerusalem will be in such condition that the Lord doesn’t even want to say its name, He calls it Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified.

That is, the city isn’t worthy to be called Jerusalem, Ierushalaim.

Morality will become a crime. Any other religion except for the united one will be punished.

Let’s look at the family as well. Family will be regarded as a state institution. Like even now, for example in Germany, some parents refused sexual education for their children, because the thing is really a children kind of pornography: they draw genitalia, the way the contact happens, only with no specific details, everything is kind of rounded and simple, but everything real and frank. Some people refused it and got under a threat that their children would be taken away. And special institutions were made purposely to take children away, which we now also have. What does this mean? This isn’t just a law. It means that the issue goes much deeper and more globally, that an individual is regarded as a state element, not family, but individual. And the state takes a child away from his parents, if the family doesn’t meet their demands.

Children won’t belong to and be brought up in a family, they will be forcefully separated from it. Look at what’s happening with this computerized education: parents used to drag their children from the computers, punished them by switching off the internet – today they make them sit at the computer. I saw a video where a little boy was crying saying: “Mom, I can’t any more sit at this computer, I’ve missed my school so much!” And the poor kid is crying pleading to return him to his school, saying, “I don’t understand anything in this computer”. And they call it “education”. Computer will never give an education. I already spoke on this, that education comprises knowledge plus upbringing. And upbringing includes an emotional response. But a bare machine, just a screen into nowhere, information through videos, like a video game… You can’t live in a video game, you can loose your life in it. You can waste your time, your strength, your abilities, loose your personality, wash it out as a drug addict. Computerized education is zombying and not educating, it brain wash and not education, it’s coding and not education, because education implies upbringing. They used to take not every person as a pedagogue. A pedagogue is supposed to be a kind person, he is supposed to be educated, informed on his subject, but he must also have qualities of a pedagogue, ability to love children. It was a deserving occupation. The first thing you could think of as you hear someone is a pedagogue is “she is a kind lady” who loves children, and if she loves children, it means she is good. But computer can’t be good, and computer education can’t be a pedagogue, computer can’t replace man. Therefore, we’ve got to keep our children and pass moral qualities, humaneness and spirituality to them.

But they will prove to us that computer can replace man. You come to a hospital and there’s a robot. They scan you and there’s a screen with your diagnosis, you come to a certain room, they stuff you, take you through some rayes and there you are – you don’t need a man, may be one or two. You don’t need the one, who says: “My dear, don’t be afraid, it’s gonna be all right”. And you, an adult man, think “Lord, so good I got to this doctor”, because a doctor is supposed to be kind too. Today, a doctor won’t be caring for you, Hippocratic oath doesn’t work, you either give money or must have insurance thing. Even now with the coronavirus many people suffer with no insurance.

Places for cyber flesh entertainment, like in Sodom and Egypt, already now there are such places in Europe with cyber entertainment, where you don’t need direct contact, everything is transferred into electronic format. This is all changing of the world, and in this coronavirus time the testing is happening of how it all works out. Many systems are being activated and switched on, people are being driven and pushed back, as if it were some plot and everything is working according to some plan. And we know whose plan this is. But God has His own plan. And it’s not about destroying this whole thing, but the plan is not only to endure, but to reinforce and multiply exactly in this time. There for ask Gof for a strategy of how you can be God’s in this time, and be strong and multiply God’s Kingdom.

The love of believers will cool down. The wineskins of the Church will never remain the same. Those who endure to the end shall be saved. They will meet their Savior. Today huge mega churches are totally empty. I watch the Pope doing Mass in Rome, in Vatican. I’ve been there several times, the place was always full of people. But now look at him, how lost he is. He has no voice, he doesn’t tell people what is going on and what will be, he’s talking about safety, that we all must behave well. Is that a prophet? Is that an Apostle? Brothers and sisters, Jesus is coming. And we must finally realize this and believe this, and prepare ourselves.

The world is one polar in reality. We used to think it’s bipolar with America strong and Russia rise up, and it’s also China, so it’s three polar – such foolishness. These heads have one neck, one pair of shoulders and one lower back. This is all one world that produces dollars. All the countries are in debt to this system, and it all is one head. That is, one body with three heads: the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. And it will all work.

I said it before that the strength of the false prophet and antichrist is in apostates. Because he has two horns like those of a lamb, but he will speak not with the voice. He will work well on it, as in that Russian fairytale about the wolf, who pretended mother of the little goat kids and sang a song to them. And those little kids, the stupid maids will open the door and let the evil wolf in. Lord, give us to know Your voice! You can recognize your brother by his voice without even seeing a video. You can imitate the look, but it’s almost impossible to imitate the voice. You can change your appearance, but the voice will remain. Like they change the appearance for that of a woman, but they tell him he is a man – you look like a woman, but the voice is that of a man.

But the main thing today is the testing of the church. Everybody has been locked down and connected to the net – the worldwide net. A fly is trapped in the net and feeling someone pulling her legs. And they are all shouting: “Thank you, God, for making this world internet!” The task is to divide, lock up and control. They are working on this neuro network, “smart city” program, I am not against it, but we know where it’s coming from. They scan your emotions and predict your behavior and preferences. They will tell, it’s for your own convenience, so that they may know how you are going to move, which is the artificial intelligence. And it will get serious when they work through the course of our thoughts, our faith.

And they are creating this neuro network for the coming of antichrist. And this season of talking heads is also in church now.

I am enjoying this Easter, I rejoice that God’s Word is fulfilled, all of thу Word.

There will be side effects increased, like suicide. If one is inclined to suicide why should he live at all – so think despots – and if he is leaving now it speaks of his weakness, he isn’t reliable for our society. Jails for violating the regime. Sterilization will rise, eugenics.

And in closing, if to speak of Israel – a locked Passover in Israel, a thing that has never happened before, a double lock for Passover in Israel… Isn’t that a sign for you? The nation that was to show to the whole world that they have Jehovah; the nation that was to show that they are under the protection of the Living God; the one called as a nation to declare the Glory of Jehovah – today they take tope lines in the infection in the locked Passover in Israel. Isn’t that fornication of abomination? Isn’t that a sign for us? Oh, Jews! Oh, Israelites! Lament and cry out to the God of Israel! Lament your way, lament for Israel. This is the prayer the Lord expects from you, and not the cheep encouragers of the talking heads. Lord, have mercy on us! Come, Lord Jesus! Amen! Hallelujah!