Our way goes into the fullness and maturity of the Church. And we speak of these four prayers for nations, I like it and want to repeat it again. I want us to take it in every local church. We have released it, and this prophet helped me, but I added there. He said: “You have responsibility for three nations, but I added there realizing this is our DNA, we have it, that’s the way it is. We didn’t have to invent it or copy it from someone.

The first nation, which is not our own, but it goes from us to it is Israel. Everything starts with Israel. It starts with us giving to Israel, this is our first mission. Israel is blessed forever! Peace to Jerusalem! Peace to Israel! And this is not the Israel that shoots missiles or fires at Palestinians, we are not speaking of this Israel. We are speaking about the spiritual Israel, about the child of the God of Israel. We are not speaking of the political Israel because we cannot identify with all her works, because our brothers Arabs are children of God. But we bless Israel as the child of God, as the sign, the first born, as the son of God; as the one who let go out of herself the flown out dove of Jesus Christ! And we are her debtors today. And we go there, and not just go, but bless her with our prayers, with our hearts. And blessing Israel we lift up our prayers to the God of Israel. This is why we are the debtors of Israel. And we are so happy God has connected us with Israel. I said it already before that every Apostolic church must have revelation of Israel. And I recently was in Mongolia and I was amazed when brothers -pastors would come up to me and say: I have changed, now I have revelation of Israel. And it was not any fashion stuff, you know, Messianic Jews, all kinds of Christian baubles, Jewish songs and dancelets… This is not what I am talking about, not about this fashion, fashion for baubles. I am talking about the true revelation of Israel. And God doesn’t want those baubles. He wants the depth of the connection, that when you speak to the Jewish people it may be the voice of God, and not of a Russian pastor. It’s up to her whether to receive it or not. But Israel is where the Apostolic Church is going to. Not every Apostolic church should plant a ministry in Israel. Not every Apostolic church should send its messengers to Israel. But it must be connected in the Holy Spirit in the revelation of the Lord.

This is our great responsibility. And we must learn to pray for Israel. Pastors, leaders, teach your home groups or churches, teach them to pray for Israel. Start with yourself. I already shared once, I didn’t have love. I didn’t have hatred either. Praise God, I never had the spirit of anti-Semitism – where from, what for… this is stupid, to despise some nation, this is a stupid thing. You must be possessed to hate exactly Jews. If you hate exactly Jews you are a possessed man, and demons are defiling your mind. You are very weird. If you have hatred towards Jews you are defiled. You must get cleansed from demons, because it is demonic stuff, because it’s demons who hate Jews.

But I didn’t have love either. But I took it by faith and simply prayed. Who am I? I am co-crucified with Christ! I co-crucify with Christ and pray and pray, and pray. And make my people pray too, because the Bible makes us. Because the Bible tells us to. And we pray and pray, and it becomes our habit, our thinking, and we begin to experience grace in those prayers, revelation starts to increase. We start to understand that favor starts to pour in, and we begin to prophesy already about the favor, and gradually the Holy Spirit multiplies in our congregation, when we take Israel in our embrace! The favor increases!

Do understand I am sharing the revelation of Israel with you. And the favor will multiply on us if deep inside we start to connect with Israel. Are you here today? Therefore, do not pull us into nationalism, this will not work. Bless the people of God. Bless Jerusalem. Bless Israel. Bless her. And don’t talk empty thing if you don’t understand what you are talking of. Simply bless her.

The second prayer that each Apostolic church must pray is for the nation the church lives in. If I was born in Russia, it is my home country I have the responsibility and the obligation to bless Russia. I cannot but love it. I must love my people. And do love my land, I love my people. If a tendency is rising within not to love my nation, not to love my history, my land, then I have confused things at some point, I have lost something. I must return. And today’s system is not a full reflection of our nation. You know what happened when they had killed the tsar, and ungodly authority arose that denied every holy and pure thing. When they had denied God, what started to happen… The curse came into our country. This was spoken both by saints and preachers and confessors. And we are not doing politics here today, but we speak of everything, freely. Because this pulpit is meant for the voice of God.

But we must love the nation. And we do pray for it. We must pray for it, for our people. We are here, in Russia. This is a great land, a great country, and we must pray for it, that it may receive Christ and receive the Revival. This is bigger than patriotism. This is spirituality.

Bless the people. Untie the knots and strongholds of the past. Pray for it and proclaim the Revival.

The third thing an Apostolic church prays for is the indigenous nations in our land. In every people there are indigenous people groups, even in Mongolia where we were. But they are funny, they said that indigenous nations are Buryatia, Tiva and Kalmikiya, and Altai. I thought: “First time I hear such thing. Only the descendants of Genghis Khan can say like this.” I say: “Are you serious?” They go: “Yes, we will go for indigenous nations. – Where to? – To Buryatia.” I thought, this was the end. But it is the beginning as well. “And then we will go to Tiva, and then to Kalmikiya. And we’ll do it all.” I thought, Wow. And they say: “You must go with us.” I say: “Let’s meet in Tiva”. They say: “No, let’s meet in Mongolia. We’ll go starting the very beginning, through Buryatia, Tiva and Kalmikiya.

We began praying for the Revival of Russia, and God gave us indigenous nations. And He gave us the keys for the adoption of the indigenous nations. To adopt doesn’t mean you come and adopt from above, you are the father priest – you’ve come and adopted everyone under your priest’s robe, and everything is fine. No. It means to connect with them. We say, when you give, you don’t give from above. If you come and give from above, you humiliate. But when you get low and give at the eye sight level, you serve. Therefore, we must learn to give from below. Even an airplane stewardess is aware of that, when she bends to have her eyes lower. Buddhists know that your eyes must be lower when you speak to a higher one. And we must learn to give good things to the indigenous nations. Not to toss to them, but serve.

And the last thing is the nations that God gives us. God can give us a nation or several nations. Psalm 2:7

I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.  

We can ask nations of God, and He can give them to us. He will give us what He has decided to give. He can give us this fourth level, the nation that He decides. He chooses what nation to give to us, or several nations. And you know, I thank the Lord that He has given us different nations. And when we come there we feel the connection with this nation. Not that we have become their fathers, but we have become brothers, we have become connected. That is a great privilege, when God trusts us with nations.

So let us take up these four levels of intercession for nations in the Apostolic church.