God is able to do great things within short time period. Jesus once came to Israel and did as much that the world itself could not contain the book that would be written of His works. This library would not fit in the whole planet. How can we comprehend that? How can one do so much that the world’s library would not contain the books written about it? This is what the Bible says.

These are the things that Jesus does through us. This is Him doing! And is impossible to contain. And here in Kamchatka you’ve got to keep our hearts humbled to let God move. Many have fallen because of pride. As soon as you start moving on your own, as soon as you share the glory with God, this glory will flee from you, and the power will cease and be lost. You’ve got to keep humble. You want more glory – humble yourself more. The more a man humbles himself the more you can put on him. The more proud he gets, the more he looses.

And we speak about the indigenous nations, not minor. I don’t want to call the minor any more. Indigenous. Indigenous means first. Not minor. Some of the tribes of Israel were very small, but they were Israel. And some nations are smaller than the others, for instance, some nations in Europe, - but they are very influential. Because it is not the quantity that matters, but quality.

God desires to use the indigenous nations of Russia, and Kamchatka – to use them for other indigenous nations and for the nations of the world. If you hear this assignment from God, to go and influence the whole world – we have here Karyaks, Chukchas, Ulchies etc – how can you achieve this. You are in point A, and your point B is when you go into the nations and save them. You may look at yourself today and think, “I am so small, and what about the English language –this is something incredible for me…” – We’ve got to set free from our past, from the things you’ve been imposed regarding yourself. And when the Lord accepts us, He first undresses us taking off our entire clothing, the way we think of ourselves – all of our old clothes and throws it away! He burns it. He washes us with waters of baptism and dress us not in what we pick for ourselves in a store, but in what He wants to give to us. Therefore we need to listen to what He speaks of me, and not to what I think of myself.

 I know some people who were humiliated, but today they are full of dignity. I also know many people who have never been humiliated, but they have no dignity. So what is the matter? The issue lies not in the past, but in the present moment – the way you receive the clothing of Christ. So it doesn’t matter that much, how strongly you were traumatized in the past and how you were treated, but the thing that you receive from God. And the first nations must receive their primacy. If you don’t believe that the Lord holds you first that how can you conquer anyone? I am very much blessed here to see brothers and sisters filled with the Holy Spirit, and the indigenous nations rejoicing about what is happening here, in freedom. I can see these are the firstborn. I see the anointing of the firstborn. And I see the Lord has chosen you. But we ourselves can be a hindrance, when we don’t believe. I remember, one sister saw a dream when she was invited in a big-big palace. She came up to the gorgeous entrance with big staircase and columns and was invited to come in. She got in and realized she was dressed in a cleaner’s type of clothes. And at the far end of the hall there appeared a wonderful young bridegroom. He was a prince. She got scared thinking where she could hide herself. There is the prince and I am so ordinary. And the prince said: “Come over”, she was not getting, why.  And he came over, took her by the arm and walked her away. She was walking feeling very much ashamed, embarrassed of herself, and he was taking her in the throne room. And then she realized that he had made her his choice, she was his bride. And when she was ashamed of herself, unable to do anything, ready to refuse and run away - she was grasped by her complex so strongly that she could not accept her status of the bride. She could not accept that it was her palace, her bridegroom. This is what is happening with the indigenous nations right now. They can’t accept it that they are the first ones. You’ve got to dare to accept it!

Before you go to conquer other nations, if you don’t believe that you are first, you will never be able, you will always have the spirit of the second one on you. You will always have the anointing of the tail. You will always feel you are in the tail. You will always feel you are number 2. You will radiate this spirit of a slave.

Take a king and dress him in a homeless’ clothes and put him in their midst. As soon as he opens his mouth he will soon be spotted out that he is king. His manners, his opinion of himself – which is the most important – will let him out. Take a homeless one, a slave, dress him in a king’s clothes and put him amidst princes, as soon as he opens his mouth everyone will know he is a slave and the clothes are not his. Why? – The spirit, his understanding of himself. And you’ve got to receive the clothes of Christ that He is giving to you. You’ve got to take it and dress in it – the clothes of God’s prince. Do you understand?!

I want to say, this is not easy. I realized how deep this experience lies and not every one of you is able to do this. You’ve got to take courage. This is hard. It is always hard to live in a royal family. Do you think king’s families only rest and it is all easy for them? They would gladly escape to some island, because living in a royal family is living in an aquarium. Every day you are watched over, you are a public person. Everything that happens within a day is public. This is a very hard work, much harder than that of slaves’.

So, being a king’s son is a big work, a big responsibility, but it is worth it. It is worth it to be a prince, to be a king’s son, to be a princess. This is a heavy work. Especially if you have been purchase out of slavery where you grew up. Especially when your whole mentality was formed on a galley, when you were slave. Especially when you were born in slavery among slaves, and then they find you and you turn out to have king’s genes. And they pull you out of there, from slaves’ galleys, take you and put you in a palace and tell you: “Now you must forget all your habits, leave everything behind, because you match with your DNA, you are a kinglike individual. And you have to learn it all over again, completely change your mentality! Learn it all over, in order to be FIRST! To be a worthy heir, so that when you come out to meet your partial people you are not rejected by them, because they don’t want a slave to rule them. We’ve got to receive this responsibility to be first. This is hard work and you will have to solve this task. We’ll be gone tomorrow, but you will stay with this assignment. You’ve to transit, right here in your brains.

And today I hear the calling in my heart! I hear God’s voice: “Teach them kinglike dignity that they may go. Teach them and lift them up.”

Lift up your faces, straighten your shoulders and never slouch. You may not slouch in the king’s home! Slaves slouch, lowering their heads, bended, humiliated. Today there must not be such ones among us. Straighten your shoulders, sit upright, lift up your faces and be like lions with your cheeks shining.

It is written in the Scripture David had the strong ones, and their faces were like those of lions. I was thinking, how is that, like of a lion – broad or looking angry? I think it was both. Look at your neighbor and say, you are a lion! And make your face so that he knows you are a lion. These are not jokes. This is serious. So think, what kind of people were with David, what kind of anointing, what kind of face, that it may be of a lion!

I remember I was in Serbia and we had a morning walk in the old city. And suddenly I heard a lion’s roar, a real one. Can you imagine – a lion’s roar in Serbia! A very powerful roar somewhere on my left. I turned and ran to him. My brother! He is somewhere here! We ran to a fence, and looking down I saw a lion – walking back and forth roaring. I leaned over and said “Rrrroarrrr!” He paused, looked up right in the eyes and calmed down. And… it became quiet. And I myself got peaceful. I looked into his eyes and felt as if I partook…

Lion’s faces – this is spirit. And you’ve got to have this spirit. Receive the spirit of a conqueror. God loves heroes. I’ll tell you one thing: God doesn’t like cowards. He has pity for cowards, but He doesn’t like them. The Scripture says… If He liked the cowardly they would have their part in heaven, but the Scripture says that the cowardly have their part in the lake, which burns with fire. Why? Because God doesn’t like them. He sends coward to hell. Therefore, cast out fear.

It doesn’t matter what orphanage you were in, where you were brought up. It doesn’t matter now any more. You can speak of it as a testimony. But not to cause pity, but to point at the glory of God.

And today I hear, how God is calling indigenous peoples. And you have it about you that you haven’t caught religious diseases yet. You haven’t caught apostasy. You don’t know what an apostate church is. You haven’t had this experience, and may you never have it. You don’t know what an apostate church is, you don’t know what an unfaithful wife is, you don’t know what a traitor church is, you don’t know what a servant church is, you don’t know what a harlot church is – you haven’t had this kind of experience. You are still a young church. I and I wish it to you that you never know these things.

And this anointing, the mantle of a young fresh bride is upon you. Take up the lion’s anointing, take the prince like spirit. The Lord is putting a ring on your finger. Once the Lord said to us He gave us the ring of Mordecai. The ring of Mordecai that shall kill the mendacious Haman. And He gave it to us. And Melchizedek came to us and handed us the ring of Mordecai. And He said, “Wear it, because this is the authority of God”. And we put it on and we wear it, and we walk with it, and this is why we are here.

What am I imparting to you today? – The spirit of victory! The spirit of faith! This is power! If you do not fear anything except God it is impossible to stop you. You will be an invincible man, the only thing that can be done to you is to kill you.

Wesley said: “Give me 70 people who do not fear anyone but God, and I shall change the whole England. And he did so. God gave him 70 people and he did change the whole England. Today we can change more – the whole world.

I watch some of the indigenous brothers and sisters and I see they know the Spirit. They are the firstborns. Today you must go and in this simplicity of your wildness, as a wild tiger – he’s got to run through the city, over all this urbanic thing, over all this technology, above this stuff, consuming with his spirit, free in wildness… Remain wild in your spirit! Do not learn the technological Christianity.

We know very few Christian stars here, we know very few of the preachers – do not get addicted to them! Keep the purity of your faith! May faith be precious, pure and holy! And with this faith you will save this world! Set your torch on flame and go as the Lord is teaching you! Do you hear?

And want I would love to see here when I return is not a professional bride, but the Faithful Bride!

Give glory to God!