Several years ago we started a ministry of reaching indigenous nations of Russia. A revelation was received that Revival in Russia will begin with the roots, with His nations. In the beginning of 2017 we started to pray for all 47 nations of Russia, and up to now the prayer  has been running taking one specific nation every day. We began seeing God's favor and God's Hand on this Journey. Our brothers and sisters headed into the lands where those nations live to bring them the news that Jesus Christ is the God of their nation, Who speaks their language.  God would give us revelations through dreams and visions of where, to whom and how to go, and indigenous people began getting saved. Udege, Nanai (Nanais), Nani (Ulchi), Laurovethanes (Chukchi), Nimylans (Kоryak), Evens, Evenkis, Ainu, Dolgans, Eskimos, Mongols, Tuvans, Altaians, Buryats, Khanties and others representing their nations today worship the Lord Jesus Christ with their instruments and in their language.

Every year we hold Partnership in reaching nations that confess animism and shamanism. Representatives of saved and redeemed indigenous nations gather there. They give their witness of Salvation and God's Glory in their indigenous nation, share their priceless experience and revelations, praise the Lord with their instruments and have prayer times in their language. During these meetings strategies are worked out and tasks are set for reaching the nations still untouched by the Gospel. These meetings open a wonderful opportunity for establishing and reinforcing the work in indigenous nations.