Enthrone Grace in your life! Give royal status to Grace. Jesus was full of grace and truth. In Him was grace upon grace: healing, forgiveness, sanctification. Grace is above our feelings, above our works!

Grace reigned already in the Old Testament - Noah, Abraham had it before the Lord.

We are not saved of works. Our Faith is when you walk by Grace, and not by works. Each of us is given a measure of Grace. It is determined for each of us, according to the measure of the gift of Christ - to get saved and to achieve perfection.

Grace must be received, must be accommodated. Do not resist Grace. It is meant is for you. Keep Grace in the truth. Grow in Grace. Grace makes us Christlike, we all become more and more blessed, we see things more and more through Christ. Let us enthrone Grace in our lives!

"He showed me a pure river of water of life... and the tree that bears fruit..." The river is a symbol of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it comes from the Throne. The tree of life grows on the sides, this is us. If we are led by the Holy Spirit, we grow along the river.

How does a man of God move? Wherever the River runs the Holy Spirit is. The status of a man of God is the Tree of life.

Why is there often drought or frustration? Because the tree was not planted by the streams of water. Find a stream in your place - and move your tree there.

The River of the Holy Spirit flows from the Throne. The tree of life is God's people. The trees of life are all of us. Find the flow of the Spirit - where the river flows. The trees of life are all over the planet. Every month, 12 times a year, they bear fruit - the fruit of the Spirit, the fruit of the soul. Each time the tree bears fruit. Always. And even the leaves of the tree - the disciples - bring healing.

We can carry the dimension of life! And the birds of the air can take refuge in our crown. Live under Grace! Bear Fruit - Bring Healing!

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