FIVE ROCKS OF REVELATION. At the Threshhold of 2020.

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At the Threshold of 2020.

Five stones in David’s sling. One of them killed Goliath.

I challenge God's officers, God's warriors for a spiritual battle! Everyone who has stopped, has grown fat, arise! Warriors of God are fighting battles! Abigail said: “My lord fights the battles of the Lord!” I call forth new recruits to war, I call forth the sleeping ones, the ones retired, former officers, soldiers! The Lord is calling for the season of war. I challenge you to rise and stand side by side and fight the darkness for the sake of setting the nations free, for the sake of the nations that know yet nothing of Him!

First stone He who is hidden in Christ will be protected. He will be protected from evil. He will have the heart of a wise man who knows both time and statutes.

Many will not have the knowledge. Both among the churches and among the Christian world you will see and hear very foolish statements, because prophetic people will understand, how far this is from the truth - with their prophecies and with their promises that don’t work. Many churches will not have the knowledge and will remain in the darkness of ignorance. They will be in blindness.

There will be many inexplicable deaths. And many people will die from inexplicable phenomena, it will be very difficult to understand and trace any logic in their demise. But this will happen because man will not have the power to hold his spirit. As the Word of God says, man has no power over his spirit. No one shall know why the stars will die, they will leave, and no one will understand why they left.

Many leaders will be judged by God for their ungodly rule, for their ungodly leadership. And when a soul dominates over another soul lawlessly - this is marked by God, and the time of judgment will be poured out. The Revelation says that the cups of wrath were poured out, it was not because they have always been pouring, but because they were withheld - both the trumpets and the seals – somehow they were withheld, but when the time came for the cups, then the time for judgment came. Today we heard about some great things. Yes, the Kingdom of Light will be pressing on, but we must also understand in harmony that we are in the book of Revelation today.

Many religious leaders will fall from their pedestals. And they will fall like that, and very quickly will be forgotten. Many will be very quickly forgotten. As if they have never been.

Second stone God's chariots will rise. God's cavalry will rise. In major megacities of the world powers there will be great turmoil. Today you see what is happening in Paris, but it will happen in many places. What is going on in Hong Kong... It would seem that this is Europe and Asia, but this is not Europe and Asia - this is the planet. And in large megacities there will be great turmoil, but unlike previous times of turmoil, this turmoil will bring deaths of people. And people’s deaths will become more frequent. Riots and bloodsheds.

The superpowers that dominated the nations will be put to shame. The crimes of leaders of the superpower countries will be exposed. The powers will lose the trust of the masses. Nations will no longer trust their governments at all. Both the government and the people will no longer trust each other. Nations will no longer desire to hide under the protection of superpowers. Today there is still migration, and nations are migrating to large cities and countries, but this tendency will subside, because people will cease believing that large megacities are safe places. And you know that the most dangerous places are large cities.

The third stone. God will pave the way for His people who are watchful on guard. He will open the way through the abyss. Through the abyss of turmoil and chaos. The people who move in revelation will know their path. And God will give knowledge and revelation to those who are connected with Him, how to act in difficult times. God will teach His people how to preserve peace and rest during times of turmoil. The great peace of God will be in those who are watchful with Him. In times of turmoil in the midst of chaos God's people will be having the meal. Those who are watchful on guard - they will have a meal in the sight of their enemies. Faithful people, a faithful church will be filled with the fear of God. And the fear of the Lord will be a protection and a covering for them.

The fear of God will increase. God's fear will increase over God's holy people. And today we should seek refuge in the fear of the Lord. So ask God for His fear. The fear of the Lord is the best remedy for the fear of nations and the confusion of Babylon. The best protection against the fear of turmoil of the nations is the fear of the Lord. This fear is pure, and it abides forever, and it cleanses of any kind of fear. "Fear me, says the Lord, and fear not their fear." Therefore, the fear of the Lord will become a covering for the faithful church.

Faithful people will lose their properties. Estates will be often taken away, deprived of. Do not save your estates, because there will be a tendency to lose estates. Today I don’t know what the Western church says - I know they are hoarding houses, but these houses will be taken away, and even faithful saints will lose their estates. Therefore, do not invest there. Do not take great care of having wealth on earth.

... And God's people will have trouble in the flesh, but God will teach them the joys of Heaven, and not of the earth. And He will bring to the Heavenly. With these losses the people will begin to understand that they are called to the Heavenly things. And today it is time for us to get ahead of these events, so that before this happens, we can put our value and treasure into the Heavenly things.

God will raise high His faithful ones. And the faithful will move strong, and fast, and far together in cooperation with the creations, wheels and Angels. Angelic visitations will increase. Angelic manifestations will intensify. And God's people will move very high in revelation. There will be incredible revelations that we haven't heard at all from the preachers before. And today it is already beginning. And you are receiving it in this source. The people will move with the wheels of the Cherubim and move with the creations. And the Angelic will be revealed more to those who stay faithful with Him.

More will be revealed about the supernatural Angelic world to the faithful ones. And the supernatural will manifest not on the freshly level, but on the Heavenly one. Miracles not with houses, apartments and work. Miracles not even with hands and with health. But miracles about open Heaven. It will be reinforcement.

Fourth stone There will be few true prophets. The people of God will starve and languish for the Word, for the true Word. Real fruit will be rare and valuable. The value of gems will increase. Because many false prophets and false teachers will rise even more. And their task will be to bring things down from heaven to earth. They will do supernatural things, but such that nail and bind humans to the earthly things. Miracles with money, miracles with things of the flesh, miracles with the estate - these things, in fact, in their compartment have a goal - to lead away from Heaven.

Generational bonds will be weak and difficult. Therefore, invest in discipleship, because the bonds of generations will be torn off. Fathers will lose children, mothers will lose daughters spiritually. And discipleship will be difficult. Because there is a break in the seasons. The mantle wants to tear. But we must put it together. And our children must be with us. And our spiritual sons and daughters must not step away from us. Do not give them to Satan, because he has already planned and is doing evil. There will be generational breaks again.

Leaders will use the people for themselves. And people who are awake and watchful will understand this.

Israel will experience great difficulties. Fire will burn in Zion, but this fire will be the fire of judgements and the true prophetic Spirit. The true Spirit burning in Israel must be in the shape of the cross. She has not yet repented for the crucified Christ. Israel has blood on her hands that has not yet been washed away. And she killed the Great Messiah. Israel has not yet asked God for forgiveness for the murder of the Only Son. Therefore, the Blood of Christ is on the hands of Israel. She must be brought to repentance, and God is leading her to repentance as His daughter. In Zion, the fire of the prophetic Spirit will burn. The prophetic must be strengthened. And our people in Israel must strengthen the prophetic revelation of the cross.

Jerusalem will be further defiled. Today the devil defiles Jerusalem. Gay parades began several years ago, which were not allowed before. There were gay parades in Tel Aviv, but now they started in Jerusalem. Every year, gay parades happen in Jerusalem! Thousands of homosexuals gather in Jerusalem to defile the holy city and make it unclean before God! Jerusalem will be desecrated even more this season. Forgive me for not pleasing your ear, but so it is revealed. False prophets will continue to act. There will be more of them. But true prophets will be reproached. Stars of the false vine will continue to be magnified in their grandeur. Get rich, and sow in popularity, and multiply their rating.

Fifth stone A faithful church will suffer. But suffering will be sent by God so that she wakes up for the sinking world and leaves the zone of egoism. All these teachings, which are focused on living better, feeling better - they lead to the fact that we do not think about the suffering nations. They cause us to engage in ourselves, pray for ourselves, receive grace for ourselves. And they take away, they have the secret plan of the Babylonian harlot - to invest in her own things. But this cup, one day after enlightenment, will manifest that it is full of fornication and abominations. We thought we were drinking the Supper, and there was the blood of the Saints.

And today the Lord will allow some things - suffering in our lives, so that we wake up. And how else to awaken you, gentlemen !? And the Lord will send it. But it is meant to awaken. And the awakening for the cause of serving will be a path to healing, a path to security, a path to liberation.

God will lead His people out of suffering for the sake of calling and mission. In order for the church to return to its calling, to its destiny, to go and preach the Gospel to all the creation. God will raise the church for preaching and revival. And many churches will awaken and return to the calling of preaching. This makes me happy that God will awaken the churches to preaching and to mission. And God will lead the faithful to preach and to awaken. Including myself.

I want you to be able to say this in your heart in order to enter this fifth stone. With this fifth stone David killed Goliath. This fifth stone today was a hook in the jaw of this fighter. This fifth stone is the awakened Church.

We will not focus on those who are drowning. We will not imitate their luxury. We will move in God.

And today this is not only for 2020, it is for the opening of a new seal, a new season for the church. This does not necessarily coincide with the midnight on December 31. This season has already begun. When John the Baptist was born, he had already come in the spirit of Elijah. He already was.

And he is here now - this season is in this place. This season is already here. It is already here. In the Name of the Lord Jesus! Amen!

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