In the Well of the Wales Revival

It was an awakening, like there had never been in the history of the church. People filled the Church to the fullest, not even knowing whether there would be an evangelist there or not. Sometimes Evan Roberts came to the meeting and sat in the front row, saying nothing for three hours. Then he got up, preached and prayed for about ten minutes and sat down. But sometimes he could preach all the time or pray all the time. Sometimes he sat silently throughout the meeting. Regardless of what Evan did, people fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit. ⠀ On Christmas Day 1904, Cardiff Chief Constable donned white gloves, symbolizing the absence of crime in the city. The police of one of the polling stations closed it and formed a choir that sang at meetings. Many beer bars, casinos and brothels, having lost their customers, had to close. Bridges and walls of buildings were covered with quotations from the Bible. Sports and theater events were canceled; rugby clubs had been voluntarily disbanded by their members. Old debts were paid, previously stolen items were returned. ⠀ Church hymns were heard in the streets and in the houses; spontaneous joint prayers were held in shops, schools and factories. The horses no longer understood the commands of their riders, because the latter stopped swearing. In less than two years, about 100,000 Wales residents had experienced revival. During this time, thousands of worship services were held and many new churches were opened. ⠀ We were at the Moriah church in which Evan Roberts served. We long to see it again.

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