Missions Conference in Vladivostok

A conference of our Network took place in the Eastern Gates last week, and it was fully missionary. If earlier we had missionary schools, when only a part of the ministering brothers were involved, this time the Lord plunged us all into the missionary dimension!

We cried out for the second wave of Mission, and the Lord came close! He showed the state of the world today, what are the main challenges and giants that confront us. He is preparing His people today and offering to enter the Divine Whirlwind, to come near the Throne, so that at the end of time we can truly reveal His Glory to all nations.

This time the Holy Spirit led us and brought us even closer to the nations confessing Islam. We have seen how the Lord is moving in the nations of the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia. The sign was that the dates of our conference exactly coincided with the Hajj in Mecca, which is one of the most important pilgrimages among Muslims around the world. It was as if they were calling us to quiet Ishmael from his crying.

These days the Lord showed even more clearly how much we need personal and general Awakening. The mission will not succeed if the heart doesn't blaze with the Fire of the Holy Spirit! Russia will be saved when it wakes up and starts sending workers on Mission. 300,000 missionaries from Russia, get up, put on your shoes of readiness to carry the Good News!

Our dear guests and friends shared fellowship with us, shared their faith and revelations. We experienced the joy of recognizing the Lord in each other, the way we know Him - shedding His Blood and crucified on the Cross. As our Uncle said: “If He, in order to fulfill His Mission, shed His Blood, how will I then fulfill

mine differently?”

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