"On the Ways of Nations" House of Life Conference

Пост обновлен 29 авг. 2019 г.

A wonderful conference "On the ways of the peoples!" took place in our Butyat land, which brought together precious brothers and sisters from Siberia, the Far East and Mongolia. The Lord gave wonderful revelations about the two Supreme Angels of Mongolia and Buryatia, who did their work so that we could experience a spiritual shaking.

We heard and now are watching how God is moving to Buryatia and Mongolia to awaken them! Jesus is doing a tremendous job raising the Bride, the Church of Buryatia, calling her to maturity. The incredible Bible school ended, where almost all the Buryats studied in order to go to their people in the future.

At this conference, the nations united in spirit in prayer, worship, gaining prophecy and revelation. We have received the Word that here, in our land we need to proclaim (confess) an awakening, because Jesus is the High Priest of our confession - that is powerful revelation, when we confess awakening with our lips in faith, the Lord strengthens it in the spirit world.

We also received other spiritual keys of revelation about a special prayer for Tibet, as a stronghold of Buddhism, and a prayer that attracts shaking to the peoples of the earth before awakening.

We thank our Lord for the new equipping with combat tools of the spirit for our lands and peoples, which will help to defeat the two-headed serpent, seducing those who live here.

May the Lord be glorified and may He awaken the nations! Maranatha !!!

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