Partnership in Reaching Shamanistic Nations of Russia in the Altai

Dear brothers and sisters! October 3-5, the city of Gorno-Altaysk hosted the 16th meeting of the Partnership in Reaching Shamanistic Nations of the Arctic, Siberia, and the Far East with the Gospel. Ministers and workers of various denominations, churches and ministries gathered from many places - from Kamchatka to Murmansk, as well as from Mongolia, Finland. Representatives of indigenous peoples this time were Altai, Luoravetlanes (Chukchi), Evens, Yupiks (Eskimos), Nymylans (Koryaks), Mongols, Buryats, Chelkans, Tubalars, Tuvans, etc. Since one of the main goals of this Partnership is to spread the Good News among indigenous peoples, we try to hold our meetings in different regions of the country each time. So that people who live nearby can also come and see what the Lord is doing in other regions and countries. And this time, the Lord granted us His grace - for the first time in 15 years we gathered in Altai, where for three days we all experienced warm and cordial fellowship. And also the Lord gave us to see His Altai Bride - clean and simple, waiting for her Bridegroom! At this meeting, we talked about differences in cultures, intercultural communication, and the keys to redeaming the nations. One of the main topics was the message that we must save national churches from the unnecessary “baggage” of church traditions that the Church has acquired over its centuries-old history and which “make the Gospel worse”, making it distant, cold and alien to indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples have no experience of apostasy, and they must be allowed to follow the Holy Spirit as they understand it. For this meeting, the Lord also granted a wonderful sign! Our sisters from Korea, buying tickets, unexpectedly got seats of a higher level - instead of economy class - business. And the Holy Spirit said that this "level raising" is being released for the entire Altai region and the Partnership as a whole. And we had a testimony of how the Holy Spirit did His work by going through Altai in His

Divine Whirlwind! In these three days the Lord cleansed and united us, and may He bless us to continue to fulfill His will in all nations!

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