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of Revelations at the beginning of Rosh Hashana 5782

Rosh Hashanah. This holiday starts at night. God dwells in the night, in secret. In the beginning is God. The year 5782 since the day of Adam's creation.

This festival is a time to check how God evaluates your life. Your mind and feelings must be in union with Christ.

God deposited attraction in man. The Song of Songs reveals love between the Bridegroom and the Bride. Satan has distorted and perverted the concept of love. We don't have to fight with sin, but rise above it and rule over it, as God said.

God continues to move in the nations. He comes in the anointing of Melchizedek. We don't promote Jewry among the nations, this disease is spiritually called "church introversion." We need to be in the depth, but we also need to go out in order to share the depth.

We have made Christianity superficial - when everything has to be quickly The skill of suffering is important. It takes effort and time.

Christ manifested real spiritual authority and the knowledge of God. People felt it and called Him "rabbi", teacher. He said, "I and the Father are one," and also, "I am the Way." That is, we can live just like Him.

We now have a lot of tools on how to make the mission work fast. But early generations of missionaries were more courageous and reached the ends of the earth faster. Why? Due to the spiritual illness of the modern church, we are building houses of prayer to sit in them and invite people there.

We see the discrepancy between the condition of the church of God and the glory that the Lord has ordained for her.

“And the Lord God commanded the man, saying: Of every tree in the garden you may freely eat, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it, you shall surely die.” (Genesis 2: 16- 17).

The Lord said: "Eat!", And Satan: "Do not eat ...". And then vice versa: what God did not allow to eat, Satan offered Eve to eat. It was an outright lie. Eve entered into dialogue with Satan. The restoration of the woman happened through Mary. This is the second Eve - she gave a Savior to the world.

This is what's happening today: we don't eat God's Word, but we eat the word of Satan.

There will be both men and women in heaven. It is written that they will neither marry nor be given in marriage. But you will remain what the Lord created you to be. The nations will come to the Lord. And they will be full-fledged people.

The church today has emasculated in the pursuit of success. Generations ago, she had deep thinkers in her womb - they comprehended the Scriptures to the depth although they were ordinary brothers, but moved in their gifts. The church honored depth and revelation. But we have become superficial and have lost the strength to resist the spirit of the world. Paradise is the House of God. And even here we can't teach our children to worship God... Parents have become so liberal that their children don't receive any instruction and knowledge about God.

Eve and Adam followed the path of unbelief, and received punishment as mercy, because the process of redemption of man by God began. The path of apostasy, when “eros” turned into “parneo,” led man into darkness.

What do you expect from God today? You sit and listen to the Word, you pray, but do you obey?

Eve "fell" and took Adam into this path. The path of wandering began. And here Jesus - that night He took bread and wine, said: “Take, eat; this is my body ”... (Mark 14:22-24). The Lord said, "Eat!" Now the Lord is giving us fruits from the Tree of Life. Jesus is the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve were sent out of Eden. There had to be a long way of redemption - through the great flood, the law in Israel, through Calvary. Calvary is the entrance through the fiery cherub to the Tree of Life. These fruits are not apples - they are the Blood and Flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ! He gave Himself to us so that we may eat Him and drink Him.

The return of this lost paradise, an access to the Tree of Life is now restored by the Lord. Why should you be in sin, in envy, selfishness, evil? We're talking about heaven. There won't be things of your own - husbands and wives. But we will know that this is us.

Eat this antidote - it is healing for all seven billion on earth. When they ate the forbidden fruit, their eyes opened, they hid from God. When we partake of the Flesh and Blood of Christ we receive healing from sin, we no longer look at each other with lust, but as brothers and sisters, purely. Restoration, redemption, resurrection, cleansing!

Enter into depth, don't be superficial. To hold on to the simplicity doesn't mean to be primitive, banal, superficial. Simplicity is directness, honesty, sincerity in expression, in prayer, in preaching.

We have simplified the gospel. But today – get renewed!

“For thus says the Lord to the men of Judah and Jerusalem: break up your fallow ground and do not sow among the thorns” (Jeremiah 4: 3).

Enough to maintain wrong relationships, resentment, enough to keep illnesses, unrighteous relationships with people! Stop holding on to the darkness! Leave this place! Today the mercy of God is poured out.

The first Christians went to the ends of the earth. Let go of Christ! He's knocking on the door! The end of the earth is ahead. The outskirts can be everywhere, because the earth is round. Let's push the limits!

But what is happening today? Adam doesn't want to go back to God! This is the work of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! Science, philosophy gave birth to atheism. What a need for preachers! It's not new technologies we need, we need a new man! Have you become new man? Or have you remained old? Lord, give us to hear Your voice!

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