Saint-Petersburg Conference

The Lord gave us such a beautiful fateful time in St. Petersburg, where all of us, “rooted and affirmed in love, could comprehend with all the saints that length and width, and depth and height, and know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that we can be filled by all the fullness of God. ” The Lord, indeed, performed a deep work of purification, sanctification, and liberation, even from the most hidden things, through the ministry of His precious vessel and our sister under the influence of the gifts of Revelation. From the depths we were taken up to the heights through the Revelation of the generation of Zerah, for equipping and empowering with freedom and power to fulfill His will, to accomplish the work of Awakening in our country, nations and lands. Through the ministry of the Man of God, we stood before God and His Throne in a fiery whirlwind and cried out in spirit for the only prayer that would bring about the transition and bring new knowledge, authority in spirit and strength for the service, by the good pleasure of our God. It was a great joy to see new young brothers and sisters from different places who came as disciples and were immersed in the Brethren. And the Lord again encouraged us through the man of God to serve the younger generation and zealously search for disciples to transmit our inheritance. St. Petersburg is the city of the great Awakening of Russia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the Lord performed His History and many millions of people of different classes, starting from the royal court, turned to Christ. Wilhelm Fetler, one of the leaders of Revival said after Even Roberts: "Lord, give me Russia or I shall die!" Passing through the places of this Awakening, we honored the work of the hands of God and His slaves, crying out for the Rain for Russia and the fulfillment of her purpose and destiny in God. The blessing for the Brethren was the ministry of our spiritually keen brothers and sisters from France, America, South Korea, who opened their hearts, shared the Ways of Life and their best! Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

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