Saint-Petersburg. Revival gatherings

Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters! An amazing movement of the Spirit of God is happening in our Brethren. This is the time when the church is seeking God's face - and we feel how the transition is being done from our human works to His movement. As the Word says: "therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me ..."

We are glad to share with you about the seminars held in St. Petersburg to assist people affected by natural disasters. Our dear friends, members of the IDRN (The International Disaster Response Network), conducted this seminar where we learned the principles of helping people in disaster areas. And this is the service of the Good Samaritan, which we read about in the Word of God.

But besides these seminars, the Lord performed an amazing work with our spirit. We experienced the fire of Revival and God's visitation in these three days. The Lord was building up His latter days Church, releasing a deep critical Word about true discipleship, cleansing us from formal and religious works and empowering with a true heart of a father; about victory over the devil, teaching us to speak with the enemy in the Gates. Revelation of being set free from the fear of death transformed our whole thinking, lifestyle and priorities. Listen to these powerful revelations on our House of Life You Tube Channel.

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