St.Petersburg Conference of House of Life

Feb,1-3 in St.Petersburg there happened a conference of our Brotherhood. Brothers and sisters came together to take part in the wonderful move of God. Many Russiam cities from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and some of the neighbouring and far away countries sent their ambassadors to this feast og love. Our friends from Australis came for the Conference as well. Testimonies of God's victories, releasing of the prophetic anointing, the anointing of restoration, sign carrying events - this is only a part of the things that happened during this glorious time. There happened the expansion of spiritual influence and the connection of the Southern Gates. And of course, the warmth and joy of the family fellowship. People from different denominations were drawn to this conference to experience God's presence and the freedom of the Holy Spirit. Brothers and sisters were leaving for their cities carrying the fire of the Spirit with them, to spread and release the power and anointing released at the conference by our Lord. Rita, Viborg

God gathered His sons and covered them with the mantle of Restoration. This is what many of us really need - His favor in us, being hidden under this mantle and carrying this dimention of restoration into our regions. There was lots of good food on the table. The menue included: prophecies, teaching, exhorting, testimonies. The red hot sward caused many of us to have our speach cleansed and our toungs healed. If you refuse the anointing, you refuse the blessing. We could feel how blessings were covering us, when the impartation and our brother's prayer was wrapping us, and we were one.

Significant words were released at the conference:

- We cannot miss the Revival (reality doesn't always match our expectations); there are reasons that stopped revivals

- a season of the Calf was released, the double strength of the calf

- the key of revelation (vertical door) and the key of opportuities (horizontal door)

This conference was also marked by St.Petersburg exhibition "Christ in Dungeon". Using the cultural fund of the land Holy Spirit is drawing people's attention to the Divine Person. It is interesting that the exhibition talks aboout the events that happened after Gethsemane, after He had made the dicision to fulfill the will of the Father. Many of the exhibits belong to the work of northern ethnic groups. And at the Conference a team was sent up north of Russia!

We were also called to get aligned with the man of God. And this is one's personal disision, your choice - whether to stay in Galgal, in Bethel, in Jerico or follow to the Jordan. To desire doesn't mean to receive, relationship must be more than just feeling!

Elena. Tallin, Estonia

We strongly experienced the presence of God during the Conference, There happened the connection with sister Royree through the ministry to indeginous nations. The Lord connected our land with the land of Australia and was imparting the anointing for work with the nations.

We really need the Lord to send us the Wind of the Spirit, and during the Conference I really saw the Wind move, how God Himself and the man, was doing His work. It was a wonderful time!

Tatyana, Moscow

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