The Ural Range House of LIfe Conference, June 28-30

Praise to the Great King, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gathered us in the Urals, in Chelyabinsk city!

June 28-30 we had Conference that revealed new deapths in the Lord. An open prophetic Word was given to the land – that the Ural Range is to become a springboard for adopting nations. This produced its work within us, believers, as to receive God’s power and the spirit of conquerors, that we may glorify His name working for the salvation of the nations and establishing the Kingdom! Folks from 17 regions got together, our beloved sister Rebecca joined in, who carries prophetic ministry over the world, as well as her daughter with her husband. God did the incredible. He release the dimension of Heaven not only for the Urals. The Eastern Gates and Central Asia, the Caucasus and the West, Siberia and the Urals joined on the Ural Mountain Range, and God spoke and gave us the key to the awakening!

The Lord moved us to do a prophetic act in Yekaterinburg. “Ganin’s pit”, where after the horrible murder of the last Russian King’s family there bones were burnt, became a place of a prophetic prayer.

We held our morning Sunday service over that land and fulfilled a prophetic act. The Lord gave His Word for binding Leviathan spirit, we prayed for cleansing of this land from the blood and curse, for breaking the power of Satan. We prayed for redemption and forgiveness.

Together with our friends we put our spiritual effort in this breakthrough and shutting down the source of the curse. The land receives freedom through prayers and establishing God’s Throne in it.

At the Conference we experienced God’s loving-kindness through the ministry of sister Rebecca as she prayed for people, and many of them were set free of different kinds of bondage.

Jesus brought us together in His Love, in place of His Glory, so that we could receive His strategies for building His Kingdom in the nations of Russia and the world.

We thank our God for each one who came and shared the Bread with us! Jesus is King!

During our Conference we visited the place of the king's family execution. That was not just a historical event – a horrible crime was committed – a murder of God's anointed ones who were apointed by God to govern. If you read the correspondance of the royal couple you will see how noble those people were. The King's daughters worked as medical nurses and took cared of the wounded solders in time of the First World war. Think, what kind of a ruler the Russian king was if he gave his daugters, virgin maids, to take care of simple Russian soldiers. A true king.

While being in this place our sister, who ministers as a prophet in the Body of Christ, released that this execution of the king's family was a ritual murder – so that Satan could have the legal right for Russia. The blood of the anointed ones was shed in order to give the darkness the right for Russia. And we know what happened afterwards – the revolution, godlessness, anti-Christ started manifesting in our land. And today our country has signs of the curse.

In this place, Ganin’s pit, together with ministers and representatives of the indigenous people of Russia, we prayed for forgiveness for this crime. God led us in prayer against three things – against Leviathan spirit, anti-Christ spirit and occult powers that took root in our land. We experienced the Apostolic authority in this prayer. We also sang the Song of Moses there: “Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty…”

Keep on praying that Russia may be set free from cure, and the king’s blood may be washed off our land.

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