Prayer for  the “Wild Wolf” (North Korea)

North Korea is the most isolated country for today not only for the world society but for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Violent totalitarian regime of Kim Il Son and Kim Jong Il suppresses human dignity and right for religious freedom. In time of the punitive wars most of Christians fled or were tortured, and churches were destroyed with bulldozers within a short period of time. Very little is known about the underground Church, but they survived and keep carrying the testimony under persecution. Right now North Korea is in period of which Jesus said: “If they persecuted Me they will also persecute you.”

1. Before Korea  was divided into North and South the city of Pyongyang had been a prosperous center of Christianity for the whole country and was called “Korean Jerusalem” (in 1945 in Pyongyang there were 13% of Christians and in the North totally 400000).

Pray that God may call forth the past and the second wave of revival on the territory of North Korea may sweep away all the obstacles on the way of God’s movement in Korea’s salvation.


2. North Korea claims its citizens to have religious freedom. In Pyongyang there are three official churches. But beyond their walls North Korean Christians face severe persecution.

Pray that the priests in these churches could preach the true teaching of Christ and God could use these official churches for the salvation of people.

3. There exists a non-registered, “persecuted” church in North Korea. Under the strictest secrecy people gather in their homes. Believers are constantly exposed to persecution. Pray for the leaders of the persecuted churches and for the growth and multiplication of these groups.


4. Many Christians are in jails for their belief. Pray for their courage, for support and God’s comfort. And for the spread of the Gospel in North Korean jails.

5.  The demarcation line was drawn in 1953 after the fratricidal war. It divided Korea into the Communist North and “Pro-western” South. Many Korean families were torn apart.
Pray that despite the political disagreements and mutual offense of North and South, the country may be reunites ( not under the “banner of Communist regime”).

6. The youth of North Korea study in universities of friendly countries in the world. Also their workers work in low paid jobs in Russia and other counties.

Pray that they may turn to the Lord through meeting believers and return home with faith they would take.