Six Keys to Adopting Indigenous Nations

First key is the New name. You know this. There is this collective name for all those nations – Gilyaks. When we came to Khabarovsk for a conference I heard those nations to be called Gilyaks. And suddenly the Holy Spirit revealed to me: this was a mocking name, scornful. I said to a sister: “You have someone of these nations staying with you. Ask about this name”. She said: “It’s ok, brother, it’s just the name for the indigenous nations.” I said: “No, no, it’s sounds like swearing”. I thought, I know this, my mother was a Korean, you know. Recently I heard one brother mention that in his city, they say, there are Russians, Koreans and non-Russians. So whoever is a non-Russian is in trouble. And in this country, in time when this curse was raging, if you were a non-Russian you were in trouble. And that is such a disgrace! In such a multinational country non-Russians were in trouble! That is horrible. And now there is also such tendency. Even in churches. And we must uproot this thing. I don’t even mention Jews or Uzbeks, or Koreans, or Chinese and so forth. So that sister checked it up. I tell her: “Now share who Gilyaks are. And unwillingly, because you have to deserve it that they reveal it to you, she unwillingly spoke out that yes, it means “dogs”. Gilyaks means dogs. And they are all Gilyaks, I won’t name them, but they are all included. They just called them Gilyaks, dogs. And as we were calling them Gilyaks, Gilyaks… and were cursing them every time we called them so. And God has opened it to us, this door, that we were feeding hell. We were cursing them with our proclamations each time we called them so. Like Yakuts – means “pour in, drunkard”. But they don’t call themselves Yakut, they call themselves Sakha. And many other nations. One of the names means “a human” – of course, a human, not a dog. That was the way.

And when we started moving this we began to experience a wave of love, and the nations felt it through and began to open up right away. It is incredible, this first key to adopting nations is the new name. And this is biblical because the Lord said to Abram: you are Abraham and to Sarai – Sarah. He always gave a new name. And in the tradition of the first Church they always gave a new name, like “called Justus…” and so on.

Second one. It is the drum. Redeeming the worship. When they had taken the drum away from them, shamans made it their own. Because some nations feel rhythm very well. For example, take rhythm away from an African – you’ll take away his pulse. He’ll have spiritual arrhythmia start. He will start swinging, because they see everything through rhythm. Everything is rhythm there. Everything is beating. They see the world through rhythm. They don’t have to learn dancing – they move that way since they are born. When they walk they actually dance. Rhythms. Shamans took over. But when we returned the drum to them they could breathe again. And the Lord gave us to travel to Norway, which was very unexpected for me. And I came and saw that Apostle of the Sami nation, and we were sitting at the table eating, and he was sharing with me a long story of how God had returned the drum to him. All the churches of Norway closed their doors for him. Newspapers said he was a Satanist who wanted to defile Christianity and pull paganism in it. But people from Australia and America came to him and said: “Brother, we’ve gone through these things you are going through. Let’s go, we will show you where we’ve gone to. And they took him to their places and demonstrated how they moved in those things. You know people used to be afraid of drums in church the same way, saying Satan himself was sitting inside the drums. And the keyboard – it is all psychedelic, satanic source. Today we don’t think like that. A microphone isn’t an evil. They used to think like that before, that it’s all evil. And that is just primitive. And they took him and showed how much they had advanced in those things. He returned, and now he freely moves, he sings Joik, plays and prophesied with Joik, and before the worship starts he always walks out in front, this Arold man, sits down on a chair, takes up his drum, which has Song of Songs on it, and starts hitting it and prophesying, and singing in the spirit of joik, and only then the worship is allowed.

So we are talking not only about the drum, but about the Shoshan instrument, the instrument of love.

Third one. The third key is Jesus a Reindeer. Jesus is not a lion, Jesus is a reindeer for them. They don’t have lions. How then Jesus can be a lion for them, when they don’t have lions? What, they don’t have Jesus then? No lions, but Jesus is there. So Jesus isn’t a lion then. Who is He then? If there’s Jesus and no lion, Jesus is not a lion then – did you study Math? Who is Jesus then? Jesus is the one who there is. There is reindeer, and there’s lot’s of reindeer. Jesus is a Reindeer. And when we began to release that Jesus was a Reindeer, everything became clear to them, that Jesus was clothing, protection, covering and food. Jesus is everything to us. Abide in Me, and I in you. The Reindeer is abiding in them and with them. He is their medicine, is antlers and all of it… Everything. Jesus is everything to them. Jesus is Reindeer. And we saw there were reindeers in the tradition of the first Christians. I saw an ancient engraving where amidst the crown of thorns there were horns of a deer. The first Christians knew it. Study this subject, and you will see that the first Christians knew Jesus was a Reindeer. It is amazing how we can be losing things on the way right in front of our noses. And now we have it, the Seneca deer… Winnetou, son of Nscho-Tschi, can’t stand next

Freedom for the ways of the Spirit is the fourth key. They are connected with the land and hear the voice of the land. They understand the language of birds. They see the kinds of trees as the spirit over the area. They can read the whisper of the wind, and everything surrounding them is like the voice of the land. And we have allowed them to understand the Holy Spirit in a non-church format. Because  this Western thinking and philosophy has influenced us so much, these Platos and planktons, that we are sitting inside the building and prophesying to each other. Mostly that the next job will be good. But we see neither stars nor the sun because these are dangerous thoughts for us. “You are thinking dangerously, brother. Think about the sun? Want to worship it?!” Such primitive stuff.

But these people hear the voice of the land easily and understand the way God talks with them through creation. Because the Divinity is hidden in the Creation. It is written in Romans 1, that through seeing the things created His eternal power and divine nature are revealed. I was watching something on my recent trip. You will laugh about it, but the Lord has put it inside creatures that breathe, and all the bugs breathe. Even bugs breathe. They even have that little blood in them. I’m sure that even a small heart. And I was watching a fly, we usually don’t like these ones. It landed just in front of me, and suddenly it was revealed to me that all the living things could think, love, rest and play around. It landed and started moving its wings, looked here and there, cleaned its legs with its little nose – and all of that was made by its decision! It’s not mechanics, it’s intellect! And then, you know what, it started scratching all around right before my eyes – and it decided to get itself busy with this thing! And I was watching a fly doing this! It was busy doing her morning cleaning. Long time, about 5 minutes! Longer than a man!  I looked at another bug – it was also deciding to do something, and the whole world is deciding to do something. They themselves think and move the way they want. Eat something better – it thinks about what it will eat and what not. We looked and there were dogs in their dog’s house, and I said, “what I tasty dog” – well, we were in Korea…

Can you imagine? This is incredible! And the voice… The land gives its voice. It is written in the Bible that the land gives its voice. Through these chattering grasshoppers… It decides! You scare it, it  looks up at you – a big man… and it decides! Listen! Do you understand? Don’t you understand how serious it all is. The great eternal Mind of God has empowered the whole creation with Itself! And everything that has breath praises the Lord. He has breathed in the breath of life, has put mind inside of them, even the bugs! Look at the mantis. If you put a mantis in a jar, and some spider with it, it will get the spider, knock it down and kill it. Why? Because it decides to do so. He says, I am the boss here. His thing is to prevail and dominate, worldwide dominion. It will bite you on your finger, but he decides he’s got to attack you. Do you understand? A lion roars. An eagle soars and for some reason decides: I’m going to scream now. And it screams because it decides to do so. The eagle itself decides to do so. And when that fly was sitting and though, why don’t I scratch myself, and starts going all around its legs. As I was watching it thought, Lord, this is the highest mind! Wings from out of there and out of there – it is totally well! It felt totally secure with my careful gaze. I thought, Wow, You gave this thing mind! Breathed on the creation and it became spiritualized. And it is written, Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Can you imagine?

And today we have locked up the gifts of the Holy Spirit inside the church, the movement of God, the miracles of God, inside the building, also if the building is sanctified; if it’s not sanctified there is no God there! If you haven’t called for a bishop – no good… Do you understand? So these nations can go. And this is number four – freedom for the ways of the Spirit.

Key number five is national ministers. Feel the power? This is powerful! Are you receiving? National ministers – this is incredible! They themselves are the best ministers. They go and do their work, move, save people like themselves; they come and have people stay overnight with them, and they are the best evangelists for the same kind of people. We must release them and not keep them in a kinder garden forever.

I will add number six, also a powerful thing. God is a nomad. The very first nomad is God Himself. When David wanted to build a temple for Him, He said: ”Through all these hundreds of years, through the ages, did I ever ask for a home? Did ever mention I needed a house? – No! I never asked for an apartment from you. I live in tents”. And the Lord had been nomadizing, wandering in the desert with the people of Israel for forty years. And the tabernacle, the ark always stayed in the tent. In all the beginning years of the kings they had stayed in tents! Can you imagine? Because the Lord lived in a tent.  A tent means a wigwam, a yurt – a real tent with cords and stakes. And God lived there on earth. The hypostasis of His Presence on earth was in the tent. So, nomads…

And when we want to draw these indigenous nations into a church building and have them miss hunting and fishing, and tell them “ah, you are apostates”. And they say, “I can’t, I am drawn away! Forgive me, pray for my soul in hell!” And he leaves, because he is being drawn into the deep woods. And we say, “Apostate…” But he is no apostate. God created him to be a nomad, and God goes with him. But when we say, “You are normal, you are a nomad, move on, only keep faith there and preach to your shepherds”. And when we allowed them to do so, they now write letters to us, saying: “Everything is great! I read the Bible, Jesus is King and things like that… Reindeers birth, they are fine, reindeers are fine, the land bears fruit, there is grass, it is all right! And we allow them to be not apostates, but move the way they are as nomads, and God is with them as a nomad. Not in the prayer houses that await them like a prison, because this is how hell looks to them. When they started making villages with houses for them, like here in Krasniy Yar, making experiments, that is the hell that is present in their conscience. When you walk out and bump into a neighbor’s house all around. And out there is his hunting season passing by, fish is moving, birds are screaming, reindeers are running, but you are staying home depressed and degrading.

So, these six keys. This is powerful, incredible. And what we are moving in now, we must keep insisting on it, because it’s a pioneer movement. We must release it even in Africa and South America, and wherever there is shamanism. And wherever we have indicated them as cursed, not understanding, primitive… Who actually told you this? Who told you that if you know i-phone 6, 8 or 9 you are not primitive. Who told you that if you know car brands you are nor primitive? What are you talking about? But they know what is a joyful conscience, what it means to enjoy morning, what it is to eat modest so that you are able to kill an animal tomorrow. Do you understand? Where did you get your proportions, your moral codes? Where did you get it?

It is written about a donkey that he scorns the tumult of the city from high rocks. That is a prototype of an Apostolic church. And he watches from above his rocks and scorns and laughs with his mouth full way open, at the tumult of the city, thinking, oh, this empty fuss; this all smog they have – they are crazy! Getting depressed, ending up with suicide, arguing with each other, hating each other… Just step away from one another and it will be all right. At least so that no one lives either above you or below you. It’s always people around you: you look down – there are people, you look up – there people, all over, take this apartment building. You lie in your bed and through the wall there is some drunken man lying in his. People all over, and spirits defiled all over, and you move amidst all of this, and how is it that you want to feel well? You have to come back to your senses, you need God’s Presence. We need to walk divine. That fly was something, I would give it a name. It was sitting and to me it looked it was smiling, yawning, she simply decided to have some rest in my presence, because it felt there was some presence. It got relaxed, like a queen, doing its flyish stretchings; and I saw it decided to do so each time it did something. It was not doing it chaotically, random like, but was deciding to do so. It has the will, it can either fly away or not fly away – the fly has the will. You don’t have the will, but it does.